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Online ALCPT Form – 90

American Language Course Placement Test Form 90

I really blew it on yesterday test.

Spencer has the best assignment in the project?

Did you cook today?

Jim stepped on a nail.

After a week in the park the camper had to replenish their supplies.

My husband is a pilot. I know, what is his hobby?

What did the man ask the woman?

Ralph owes the bank a lot of the money.

Ralph is in ___________.

Everything is convenient here.

Why did Pauline have to use the brakes?

He stopped at the intersection.

George will spend ten dollars for a hat.

These flowers are a token of my appreciation.

I was surprised when I heard that Henry had bought that expensive property.

I think that Henry made a sensible decision.

Did you have good trip?

No, the plane flew very low because of the weather.

What did the man say about the plane?

Joe has to study his lessen.

Jack said “I hope to see you in your country next year Joe”

Three people followed me last night.

Mrs. Crooks manages the new hotel downtown.

The brakes are operated by the hydraulics system.

The book is difficult to read because the print is not clear.

Why is the book difficult to read?

The mother told to her children not to play in the street.

She has not seen the doctor yet.

Jerry’s kid beat Maryland’s son.

Dusty felt refreshed after he took a shower.

The questions are hard to answer.

The supermarket sold out of beef brisket.

The judge is very concerned about the traffic accident.

How many children do Bob and Mary have?

They have three boys.

Brandon will be leaving prison soon.

How are you doing?

Mr. Jackson speaks English. Mr. Smith does too.

The two parties negotiated their differences.

Who is Phillis? Oh, She is my roommate.

Tom’s engaged in something new.

Which is the door to Mr. Dylan’s office?

It’s that one on the right.

What does the an want to know?

Merry has a gift for her son.

You know? I think Robert has a screw loose.

Frank was a very cautiousness worker.

The current in the river is very swift.

Good afternoon? I’ve been told that you sell used car. Is that right?

Yes, I saw a few used cars, are you interested in buying one?

No, but my friend might be interested. What did the woman mean?

Sally extended the measuring tape.

The commander gave the order.

Cheap houses are not being constructed with concrete.

What is being used in construction of these houses?

 It was a normal day.

When I phoned Captain told me hold on for minutes while he looked the desk drawers .

Be careful or you may trigger you rifle by accident.

The policeman told the boy to keep out of the building.

I’m looking for an article on preventive medicine.

Here is one in this magazine.

What was man doing?

Why was the student a detriment to the class?

Bob had to work from daylight to dark.

Will the owner of black Ford Taurus Utah license number PKF18M.

Please return your car immediately.

You have left your car at a restricted area

Sally drew circle around the correct answers.

Mike is accustomed to working hard

The envelope was sealed.

General Baker is very cautious officer.

Harry said how long will I have to wait for the doctor?

The nurse said, “about half an hour”

Joan has a serious illness.

Mrs. Becket has the baby on her lap.

The golf match will resume at 5 o’clock.

Danny built his house on level ground. What kind of ground was it?

Bus service was suspended for 3 weeks.

This bus will accommodate forty people.

The tank leaks.

The wind cuts like knife.

These onions are great.

I know, I think I’ll get some more.

The force of winds surprised us. What surprised us?

Joseph can remember everything what he told.


The average score is 40%