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Book Quiz 17 – A

Book Quiz 19 – A

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American Language Course Placement Test Form 140

10 English Proverbs(for speech)

Phuket City – Thailand

Simple Present Tense

Conditionals (If Clause – Wish Clause)

Modals of Probability

What’s Happening in Afghanistan?

Best English Learning Sites

Saudi Defence Industry is growing !!!

Prepositions (ADVANCED)

Say vs Tell

Like vs Like to || Hate vs Hate to


Do || Go || Play

ALCPT Form 127


Relative Clauses

Tag Questions

Vocabulary Level Quiz

Would like / Would like to

Singular or Plural

Since of For

little, a little, few, a few

Have Something Done

Mini ECL Test (15 Question)

Gerund and Infinitives

Future Perfect Continious

ALC Book 12 Quiz C

Mini ECL Test-2 (15 Question)

Simple Present Tense Quiz

Many, Much, A Lot Of, A Few, Few, A Little, Little

8 Grammar Questions

Elementary Test

ALCPT 72 Reading Quiz

Elementary Grammar Test

ALCPT Form 79 Reading

ALCPT Form 80 Reading



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Most Useful Phrasal Verb Review

Interactive American Language Course Placement Test 100

Interactive American Language Course Placement Test 101

The Vocabulary test of this month.


Can you write in the comments how many points you got?

The Grammar test of this month.


Can you write in the comments how many points you got?

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General English curriculum, developed in-house, is the American Language Course (ALC) which has six (6) levels consisting of thirty-four (34) books, Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) courseware, as well as audio and video activities.

American Language Course

When a student arrives they are assigned to an ALC level and book based on their entry English Comprehension Level (ECL) test score. Classes are limited to a maximum of ten (10) students to ensure they have ample opportunity to participate in classroom activities. Group learning is promoted, and individualized instruction is facilitated in our computer laboratories and learning center. Students can utilize the learning center after class to access IMI and other materials geared to assisting the student in their language training.

At the end of each book, usually studied for one week, students take a 50-item, multiple-choice quiz which requires a minimum score of 70. In addition, upon completion of ALC level 2 and 3, a performance test is administered to assess students’ mastery of specific language skill objectives which are not measurable through multiple-choice tests.  Remediation on skills not mastered is then conducted on an individual basis.  Advancement decisions are based on instructors’ input, and students’ performance on achievement tests and the ECL, which is administered monthly to assess overall proficiency growth. 

Once students have achieved their required ECL score they are normally transferred to Specialized English where they are provided with the language and study skills necessary to succeed at FOT.

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Welcome to our new site. You can now find more current questions and new activities here. We are trying to do our best to help you further. Thank you for your attention.

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  1. David David

    buen dia, donde puedo conseguir los books 14 forms A,B and C asi como los audios es que solo pude encontrar el book 14 quiz A en forma de cuadernillo

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    Hello !

    Can I get password for American Language Course Book file

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    I can’t see your youtube channel (It is private ) I want to join
    Please Bro

  5. Cameron Cameron

    Hi there,

    Can you tell me what is the alignment of the ALCPT/ECL scores to CEFR levels?

  6. mano mano

    I am looking for the answer key of form 56. How can I find it? I need to check the answers.

  7. Mehmet Mehmet

    I need American Language Course Book Quiz -4C,5C,6C
    with answers,please

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