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ECL Test 15

1-) We’re going to be late for the ECL. We HAVE TO hurry.


2-) That bread _ stale. Don’t try to eat it.


3-) yesterday = past tense

Yesterday I WAS

4-) Only “accident” makes sense here.

5-) Bank should involve MONEY. CASH a CHECK for the MONEY.

6-) unusual = strange = not ordinary = not common

7-)simple subject = student The student is….

8-)(adjective)faint=very soft (verb)faint=pass out=black out= lose consciousness

9-) two-word verb LEAVE= TAKE OFF past tense->IT TOOK OFF

10-) past tense I ATE

11-) Right now=prensent progressive PLURAL THE Children ARE PLAYING

12-) police = PLURAL THEY ARE here.

13-) last week=past tense

irregular verb (BUY BOUGHT BOUGHT) Last week SHE BOUGHT something

14-) A month by itself takes IN.

15-) were=past tense The only choice in the past is HAD TO.