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ECL – 1

This test evaluates how well you understand what you read in English.
You have 15 minutes to do this test. You must stop after 15 minutes.
There are 20 questions.

For each question, choose the answer that is closest in meaning to the original sentence.

  1. An elephant is taller than a dog, but shorter than a giraffe.
    a) An elephant is shorter than a dog.
    b) An elephant is very tall.
    c) An elephant is the tallest.
    d) A giraffe is taller than an elephant.
  2. London is in England but New York isn’t; it’s in America.
    a) New York is in England.
    b) London isn’t in England.
    c) London isn’t in America.
    d) New York and London aren’t in England.
  3. Ati is the oldest student at school.
    a) He is not as old as my brother.
    b) Some students at school are older than Ati.
    c) There are no older students at school.
    d) He’s older than some students at school.
  4. You can’t go in without shoes.
    a) You can go in if you have shoes.
    b) You mustn’t go in with shoes.
    c) You don’t need shoes to go in.
    d) You cannot buy shoes outside.
  5. They are talking about the children.
    a) They can talk to the children.
    b) They are discussing the children.
    c) The children are talking to them.
    d) The children are always talking.
  6. They only work when they need to.
    a) They like working.
    b) They do not like to work.
    c) They work sometimes.
    d) They only need work.
  7. Whom does he like?
    a) Who are his favourite friends?
    b) How is he?
    c) Who looks like him?
    d) Does he like his friends?
  8. I plan to watch TV, but I may read a book.
    a) I’ll read a book before watching TV.
    b) It is possible that I will read a book.
    c) I am allowed to read a book.
    d) I always watch TV after reading.
  9. Do you want me to buy it later?
    a) Do you want to buy it?
    b) Can we buy it together?
    c) Do you want me to remember to buy it?
    d) Did you buy it for me after all?
  10. I didn’t use to like swimming.
    a) I am not used to swimming.
    b) I like swimming.
    c) I don’t usually swim.
    d) I wasn’t used to swimming.
  11. Shall I call you when I hear?
    a) Would you like me to call you when I hear?
    b) Must I call you?
    c) Will it be necessary to call you later?
    d) Did I call you before?
  12. You should remove that tattoo.
    a) The tattoo is not appropriate.
    b) It would be removed.
    c) It might be on your shoulder.
    d) That is not a tattoo.
  13. Joe remembered to buy some eggs.
    a) He remembered buying the eggs.
    b) Joe forgot to remember to buy them.
    c) He didn’t forget to buy some eggs.
    d) He remembered that he bought them.
  14. Tara has lived in Paris for over twenty years.
    a) Paris has been Tara’s home for more than twenty years.
    b) She was in Paris over a long period.
    c) Tara lived there for over twenty years.
    d) She had many more years to live in Paris.
  15. I can hardly hear you.
    a) I hear you very hard.
    b) I am hard with you.
    c) I can hear it very well.
    d) It is quite hard for me to hear you.
  16. Mary had her hair cut short last week.
    a) She had to cut her hair last week.
    b) Her hair was not short last week.
    c) They cut Mary’s hair short for her last week.
    d) Mary cut her hair last week.
  17. Neither student passed the test.
    a) No students passed the test.
    b) Both students passed the test.
    c) All the students could pass.
    d) Both students did not pass the test.
  18. Would you rather teach English?
    a) Have you been an English teacher?
    b) Would it be better to teach English?
    c) Would you prefer to be an English teacher?
    d) Do you know more English than me?
  19. I don’t have to go yet.
    a) I can choose not to go now.
    b) I mustn’t go now.
    c) I can’t go now.
    d) I have no desire to go.
  20. Ram would have passed if he’d done it.
    a) If he hadn’t done it, he’d have passed.
    b) Ram didn’t pass because he didn’t do it.
    c) When Ram did it he always passed.
    d) He didn’t do it, but he passed anyway.


1d 2c 3c 4a 5b 6c 7a 8b 9c 10b 11a 12a 13c 14a 15d 16c 17d 18c 19a 20b