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Best English Learning Sites

  1. BBC Learning English

The BBC website for learning English has lots of free resources, including courses at different levels, an online drama to follow, vocabulary, grammar and listening practice, words in the news and graded articles on all sorts of interesting topics. There are sections for kids, teens and adults.

2- British Council Learn English

Here you can find free video and audio resources for learners of all ages and at all levels, including games, English skills through football, a mini soap opera, podcasts, articles and a discussion forum to ask questions, find advice about learning English and make friends from all over the world.

3- Duolingo

A great website for learning vocabulary and grammar through interactive games and quizzes. There is an emphasis on pronunciation as you have to repeat back words and complete each lesson correctly before moving on to the next. It also lets you set your own goals and monitor your progress.

4- Flo-joe

If you’re planning to take the Cambridge First, Advanced or Proficiency exam or the IELTS exam and you’re looking for some extra practice, this site has lots of exam-task practice for each of the papers. Make sure you time yourself in order to get used to exam conditions and keep notes of what you learn.

5- Live Mocha

This website pairs you up with someone trying to learn your language so that you can have an online exchange with a real native speaker and become part of a global community of language learners. Everyone helps out with comments, corrections, tips and encouragement. You also have access to English lessons and various resources for listening and reading practice.

6- Lyrics training

Songs are a great way to practice both listening and – if you sing along – pronunciation. This fun website lets you test your skills by typing in missing words as the song of your choice plays section by section. You can challenge yourself from easy to hard.

7- News in Levels

If you follow the news, why not follow it in English? This site has loads of current news stories, plus an extensive archive, all divided into three levels so that you can catch up on what’s happening in the world no matter what your level of English is.


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