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I want to work.

I have my green card and I want to work. 🔨 I will call one company. It is a small company. It is not a long way from my home. I think it is a nice place to work. 🏭

I have the phone number. 📱 I will call today and ask about work. Work is a very important thing to find. 👍

Call about to job.

It is time to call about the job. 🔨 I want to call early and ask about work. I have the right phone number. 📱

I feel good about the small company. They are close to my home and the place is nice. 🏭 This will be my first job. It will feel good to start work.

Ok goodbye. 👋 It is time for me to call the company.

Phone call about work.

— Hello. This is the 123 Company. 🏭

— Hello. My name is John. I want to work at your company. Do you need more people? 👨‍🏭

— Oh yes. We do need more people to work. You can come get an application. 📝 Do you know the place?

— Oh yes. Thank you. I know the place. It is close to my home. I will come get the application. 📝

— That is good. Any time is good. I will see you soon. 🕐

— Thank you. Goodbye. 👋

Work application

— Hello. My name is John. I want a work application. 📝 Is this the right place?

— Yes, this is the right place. I will give you a work application, but I have a problem. I need to make a new one. Can you wait?

— Yes. I will wait. 🕑

— Thank you. Here is the application. 📝 Do you have a phone number? I will give your phone number to the company boss. 👨‍💼

— Yes. My phone number is 867-5309. 📱

— That is good. You will like this company. 🏭 It is a great place to work. The boss will call you this week.

— OK I will wait for the call. Goodbye and thank you.

The boss will call.

The boss will call me today. I do not want to leave my phone at home.

I will be able to work next week.  This is a new thing for me. It is my first job. I feel great about this company.  

Last year I had a problem. I did not have my green card from the government. Now I have it and can find a job.  

Work is a very important thing to find.

I am happy today

I am happy today. 😃
It is a good day. 👍 I feel good.
Do you want to know ❓
I will tell you why I am happy. 😃
I have a good reason. 👍
I start my work today. 🔨
It is my first job.  🏭
I am very happy today. 😃