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ALCPT Examples -1

  1. How often do you eat supper ?
    a. last night
    b. the day after tomorrow
    c. every night
    d. sunday
  2. How about a cup of coffee ?
    a. Yes I do.
    b. Yes, please
    c. No, please
    d. No, I don’t.
  3. What can we do in a bank ?
    a. mail a letter
    b. send a package
    c. open an account
    d. buy a suit
  4. It’s four fifteen. What time is it ?
    a. 4:15 hours
    b. quarter to four
    c. 15:15 hours
    d. a quarter past four
  5. He has a scholarship. What does he have ?
    a. a government support
    b. a class in the morning
    c. a ship for traveling
    d. a shower
  6. He must go to the dentist
    a. He should go
    b. He has to go
    c. He is able to go
    d. He ought to go
  7. She is preparing coffee
    a. repairing
    b. fixing
    c. doing
    d. stirring
  8. Mary should get in touch with her mother
    a. contact
    b. see
    c. call
    d. call in
  9. He ignored the blinking yellow light
    a. bright
    b. mid
    c. flash
    d. turning on and off
  10. He got the right answer
    a. correct
    b. false
    c. answer on the right
    d. opposite left
  11. Tickets are available for the show tonight.
    a. expensive
    b. cheap
    c. sold out
    d. obtainable
  12. Mary got to class on time
    a. She was early
    b. she was late
    c. She was panty
    d. She was punctual
  13. The flight was canceled because of the rain
    a. called off
    b. called of
    c. called for
    d. called out
  14. Silver and gold are metals
    a. cheap
    b. usual
    c. expensive
    d. common
  15. The room is stuffy.
    a. crowded
    b. hot
    c. cold
    d. with no (fresh) air
  16. You should do some physical training.
    a. exercise
    b. physics
    c. military training
    d. studying
  17. He also speaks Spanish quite / well
    a. many
    b. pretty
    c. much
    d. quality
  18. He tore his new suit
    a. took away
    b. took apart
    c. took part in
    d. took up
  19. John made a good grade on the exam.
    a. got a good mark
    b. copy some of it
    c. wrote on the mark
    d. sold his score
  20. His car has much dirt on it
    a. it needs to be fixed
    b. it needs to be washed
    c. it needs to be painted
    d. it needs to be waxed


1-C 2-B 3-C 4-D 5-A 6-B 7-B 8-A 9-D 10-A

11-D 12-D 13-A 14-C 15-D 16-A 17-B 18-B 19-A 20-B