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ALCPT Examples -9

  1. He was tardy for class this morning.
    a. sick
    b. late
    c. old enough
    d. well
  2. He took over after his father.
    a. assumed control
    b. approved the facts
    c. opposed with
    d. saluted on
  3. The resume is heard by everbody.
    a. announcement
    b. shortoned form of a speech
    c. a lot of noise
    d. a slight noise from machine
  4. I bought a book on a digest of Roman Laws.
    a. condensed form
    b. strenghten form
    c. largened form
    d. dividing form
  5. These trousers need to be taken up.
    a. studied
    b. covered
    c. lenghtened
    d. shortened
  6. What would you like to drink?
    a. coffee
    b. candy
    c. cigarette
    d. soup
  7. She felt unconscious after the operation.
    a. faint
    b. dead
    c. strong
    d. sick
  8. How would you like your meat?
    a. T-bone steak
    b. with wrapped
    c. in a refrigirator
    d. well-done
  9. Did he drink much coffee?
    a. No, he never
    b. Yes, he ever drink
    c. No, he never drink
    d. Yes, he did
  10. What do you see? I see five ————?
    a. sheep
    b. ship
    c. sheeps
    d. deers
  11. Was it expensive to you?
    a. it was expensive for buy.
    b. it was for me expensive
    c. it was expensive for me to buy
    d. it was expensive to me to buy.
  12. Do you need a complete rest after you are sick?
    a. No I don’t take it after you are sick..
    b. Anybody needs it after he is sick.
    c. Nobody needs it after he is sick.
    d. Somebody needs it before he is sick.
  13. Does she look like her mother?
    a. take back
    b. follow
    c. resemble
    d. admire
  14. Does he go to class every morning?
    a. Yes, she doesn’t
    b. No, she doesn’t
    c. No, he does
    d. No,he doesn’t
  15. Can you get out of class?
    a. If I can get money. I can.
    b. If I can’t get permission, I can
    c. If I can’t get books, I can’t.
    d. If I can get permission, I can.
  16. It should come in any minute now.
    a. recommendation
    b. necessation
    c. probability
    d. possession
  17. Did she say that he _____ come?
    a. will
    b. is going to
    c. would
    d. had have
  18. Do you go with them to the party?
    a. Yes he does
    b. No she doesn’t
    c. Yes you do so
    d. Yes I think so.
  19. To be careless with arms is dangerous. What is dangerous?
    a. to be careful with arms.
    b. to break with arms
    c. to be careless with guns
    d. to be careless with armies.
  20. What is the difference between 4 and 2 ?
    a. 6
    b. 8
    c. 2
    d. 4


161-B 162-A 163-B 164-A 165-D 166-A 167-A 168-D 169-D 170-A

171-C 172-B 173-C 174-D 175-D 176-C 177-C 178-D 179-C 180-C