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ALCPT Examples -8

  1. Sgt. Coe got out of the room after him.
    a. slept
    b. right
    c. left
    d. picked
  2. The class will start at 3 o’clock. When does the class start?
    a. 15.00 p.m.
    b. 15.00 hours
    c. 15.00 a.m.
    d. 15.00 afternoon
  3. The job is still open.
    a. not close
    b. available
    c. reasonable
    d. fashionable
  4. They came here and settled.
    a. went to a new place and lived
    b. sold a new house
    c. bought a new plant
    d. fixed the TV and radio
  5. She is ____ than her mother.
    a. more short
    b. taller
    c. more expensive
    d. more nicer
  6. It’s a quarter before ten.
    a. 10.15
    b. a quarter to nine
    c. fifteen minutes after ten
    d. fifteen minutes to ten
  7. Light-weight uniforms are put on in _____ .
    a. winter
    b. summer
    c. sports
    d. ceremonies
  8. They search for the lost child.
    a. sake
    b. seek
    c. soak
    d. save
  9. He took off his hat. She did ______ .
    a. so
    b. too
    c. also
    d. either
  10. The remainder of the sentence is not understood
    a. stayed
    b. left
    c. rest
    d. grammar
  11. Jane worked the problem out easily.
    a. saved
    b. seeked
    c. solved
    d. saked
  12. You should see the doctor at once.
    a. immediately
    b. intermediately
    c. unconsciously
    d. intentionally
  13. The dentist extracted john’s tooth.
    a. put a medicine
    b. broke
    c. made a hole
    d. pulled out
  14. The police is looking into the criminal.
    a. watching
    b. investigating
    c. investing
    d. waiting
  15. Many children look up to their parents.
    a. admire
    b. take after
    c. be similar to
    d. resemble
  16. They eliminate some of the students.
    a. do away for
    b. do away with
    c. do away in
    d. do away from
  17. He felt (faint) for lack of food.
    a. weak
    b. happy
    c. sad
    d. sorry
  18. You should skip the dessert.
    a. ommit
    b. omni
    c. leave for
    d. leave out
  19. Extinguish your cigarette before throwing it.
    a. put off
    b. put out
    c. put on
    d. put aside
  20. Review your notes before the exams.
    a. look for
    b. look in on
    c. look up to
    d. look over


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