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ALCPT Examples -7

  1. I thought of him much.
    a. anxious
    b. wondered
    c. respect for
    d. trained
  2. He checks his car every day.
    a. pays
    b. inspects
    c. registrates
    d. drives
  3. The light keeps turning on and off.
    a. blinking
    b. wrinkling
    c. revolving
    d. going out
  4. We arrived at a place with stream.
    a. available
    b. expensive
    c. small house
    d. small river
  5. She has a lot of time to study.
    a. much
    b. some
    c. any
    d. many
  6. We have two or more different types.
    a. many
    b. much
    c. several
    d. lot of
  7. Jane is _____ member of all.
    a. the more clever
    b. better clever
    c. the most clever
    d. clever
  8. She is as tall as her sister.
    a. the same
    b. different from
    c. alike
    d. similar to
  9. He _____ buy it if he had money.
    a. would
    b. will
    c. would be
    d. would have
  10. You can never go there yourself, ___________
    a. can’t you?
    b. can you?
    c. are you?
    d. don’t you?
  11. They _____ him since 1971.
    a. have gone
    b. has gone
    c. haven’t seen
    d. had been
  12. He paid $ 0.75 for haircut, $ 0.25 for coffee
    Which item is more expensive?

    a. coffee
    b. haircut
    c. both
    d. none
  13. Mary bought some magazines ________.
    a. reading
    b. to reading
    c. read
    d. to read
  14. It _______ make any difference to me.
    a. do
    b. may
    c. does
    d. doesn’t
  15. He sent a letter to _________.
    a. me
    b. they
    c. he
    d. I
  16. He came to class after it started. He was________.
    a. Handy
    b. tidy
    c. large
    d. late
  17. Compass always points ______.
    a. east
    b. west
    c. north
    d. south
  18. He seldom goes to the movies.
    a. often
    b. sometimes
    c. not often
    d. not always
  19. The machine isn’t running well, so its condition is _________ .
    a. well
    b. rich
    c. powerful
    d. poor
  20. This jacket has a good lining.
    a. design
    b. color
    c. quality
    d. inner surface


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