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ALCPT Examples -6

  1. a. Did you get here when?
    b. When did you here get?
    c. When you get here?
    d. When did you get here?
  2. She _____he ____ going to the movies.
    a. and – is
    b. or – were
    c. or – was
    d. and – was
  3. It was a cold night.
    a. Temperature was very high.
    b. The weather was cloudy.
    c. Temperature went down
    d. It was a very dark night.
  4. What is a sofa?
    a. a place to eat
    b. a place to sleep
    c. a place to drink
    d. a placeto sit
  5. After the fire drill he took down the ladder:
    a. fall into chief
    b. fell onto ground
    c. pushed away
    d. pulled down
  6. He picked out the gray suit.
    a. choosen
    b. choosed
    c. chose
    d. selects
  7. They ______ on the exam in the morning.
    a. made good
    b. made well
    c. did good
    d. did well
  8. While ______ you must be careful.
    a. drive a car
    b. a car driven
    c. driving
    d. to drive a car
  9. He goes to the cafeteria once in a while
    a. rarely
    b. sometimes
    c. always
    d. for a short time
  10. The engine of the car is not running
    a. out of order
    b. in good condition
    c. in good shape
    d. opening well
  11. What can we use in lubrication?
    a. fuel
    b. gasoline
    c. oil
    d. unleaded kerosene
  12. They try to avoid _______Turkish in class!
    a. to speak
    b. to speaking
    c. speaking
    d. for speaking
  13. He is tired _ studying English.
    a. of
    b. off
    c. with
    d. for
  14. ______ is very dangerous on icy roads.
    a. to speeding
    b. speeding
    c. speeded
    d. spending
  15. ______ is a hazard for workshop.
    a. studying
    b. tight
    c. tie
    d. loosened suits
  16. a. He writes to his wife many letters.
    b. He writes his wife to many letters.
    c. He writes many letters his wife.
    d. He writes many letters to his wife.
  17. The high head lights of an oncoming car makes the people annoyed. Because,they make people
    a. hungry for the time
    b. angry for dark moment
    c. awake for a moment
    d. blind for a moment
  18. The knife isn’t sharp.
    a. interesting
    b. dull
    c. cuts easily
    d. unbladed
  19. I don’t think it ____ rain.
    a. can
    b. might
    c. shall
    d. doesn’t
  20. There is a heavy traffic on city street.
    a. a lot of cars on the streets
    b. a lot of people on the streets
    c. a lot of people and cars on the street
    d. a lot of bumpy road in the city


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