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ALCPT Examples -52

  1. One of the men _ to the office.
    a. are going
    b. going
    c. go
    d. is going
  2. All of the pies _ sold.
    a. are
    b. is
    c. have
    d. has
  3. Either of the answers __ correct.
    a. are
    b. is
    c. get
    d. will have
  4. Some of the children __ blind.
    a. are
    b. is
    c. becomes
    d. have
  5. Most of the money ______ missing.
    a. are
    b. is
    c. has
    d. have been
  6. Bill and Joe ______ good friends.
    a. becoming
    b. being
    c. is being
    d. are
  7. John, together with his brother, __ coming.
    a. am
    b. is
    c. are
    d. will
  8. She or Mr.Brown ________ the person you need.
    a. are
    b. will
    c. has been
    d. is
  9. Every boy and every girl ______ very fast.
    a. runs
    b. run
    c. running
    d. have run
  10. Our furniture ________ getting old.
    a. a. will
    b. have
    c. is
    d. are
  11. The number of the men _______ increasing.
    a. is
    b. are
    c. have been
    d. has being
  12. The car you have ______ the same as this tin.
    a. done
    b. is
    c. made
    d. on hand
  13. What is the difference ______ you and I .
    a. among
    b. between
    c. from
    d. along
  14. Henry knows _____ anyone else.
    a. more than
    b. much of
    c. most of
    d. well
  15. Mary lost my hat. Whose hat is that?
    a. Mary is
    b. Mary’s
    c. its
    d. his
  16. The train should arrive at 6 o’clock. But it will delay two hours. When will it arrive?
    a. 6 o’clock
    b. 8 o’clock
    c. 2 o’clock
    d. 4 o’clock
  17. He will retain his serial number.
    a. keep
    b. loose
    c. find
    d. change
  18. He walks a lot in his job. What does he need?
    a. a good car
    b. a pair of good shoes
    c. great help
    d. a good umbrella
  19. Everybody _______ how to drive.
    a. knows in the family
    b. in the family knows
    c. know in the family
    d. in the family know
  20. His voice irritated. John during the exam.
    a. annoyed
    b. sorried
    c. angried
    d. worried
  21. His progress in English was consistent.
    a. improveabley
    b. slowly
    c. constant
    d. permittable
  22. It was sprinkling outside last night.
    a. shower
    b. light-wind
    c. being to rain
    d. thunder shower


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