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ALCPT Examples -50

  1. The coolant alternately from changes a liquid to a gas.
    a. gradually
    b. by turns
    c. slowly
    d. rapidly
  2. They are waiting for the wind to let up.
    a. stop blowing
    b. start blowing
    c. changed direction
    d. blow harder
  3. That changes some substances to a vapor.
    a. gaseous form
    b. liquid form
    c. a watery substance
    d. slick form
  4. A compressor is a__________.
    a. pump
    b. piston
    c. machine
    d. coll
  5. When a liquid evaporates, it picks up heat.
    a. gains
    b. loses
    c. changes
    d. controls
  6. Let’s hang around and see what happens..
    a. leave
    b. stay
    c. hurry
    d. go
  7. A gas is _____ substance.
    a. an oderless
    b. a liquid
    c. an air-like
    d. a watery
  8. A light rising from a fire is a __.
    a. visible
    b. wood
    c. match
    d. flame
  9. The tongue is a sense organ for __.
    a. tasting
    b. smelling
    c. hearing
    d. faling
  10. Is it possible __ in the dark?
    a. to seeing
    b. seeing
    c. to see
    d. seeing to
  11. Rubber is important _ it has so many uses.
    a. although
    b. since
    c. because
    d. but
  12. Keep in mind that you’ll be here at 6.
    a. remember
  13. He left __ saying a word.
    a. when
    b. without
    c. with
    d. memorize
  14. I go to class _______ going to the lab.
    a. when
    b. while
    c. with in
    d. before
  15. Many years ago, a sailor standing in the board of a ship would shout,
    a. used to
    b. might
    c. was going to
    d. be used to
  16. A fire wouldn’t burn _____ oxygen ?
    a. with
    b. without
    c. by
    d. in place of
  17. His constant companion was on ox, Babe
    a. owner
    b. property
    c. friend
    d. relative
  18. _______ mathematics or physics easy to understand ?
    a. Is
    b. Does
    c. Are
    d. Do
  19. My shoes are made _______ pure leather.
    a. for
    b. with
    c. from
    d. of
  20. That material can not be bent. It is ______ .
    a. rigid
    b. solid
    c. flexible
    d. flammable


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