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ALCPT Examples -5

  1. She has to see the doctor right away.
    a. ought to
    b. should
    c. must
    d. be able to
  2. All soldiers stand by to receive a message.
    a. standing in order
    b. standing at ease
    c. standing at attention
    d. be prepared
  3. People must put out their camp fires.
    a. put it out of tent
    b. extinguish
    c. distinguish
    d. relinquish
  4. He sensed very sick yesterday.
    a. felt
    b. got
    c. was
    d. looked
  5. They’ll leave there for good.
    a. being rich
    b. permanently
    c. for a short time
    d. for merchandise
  6. Allen called his wife up last night.
    a. called her upstairs
    b. telegraph her
    c. telephoned
    d. reprimanded
  7. My father is used to smoking
    a. be accustomed to
    b. become accustomed to
    c. be accustom to
    d. become accustom to
  8. The plane will leave at 9.15 a.m.
    a. arrive
    b. depart
    c. land
    d. crash
  9. Can I rely on you on this matter?
    a. depend on
    b. reply on
    c. gripe
    a. grape
  10. This TV. set needs to be fixed.
    a. have
    b. gets
    c. requires
    d. wants
  11. If you divide 100 by 5, the result is
    a. 105
    b. 500
    c. 20
    d. 95
  12. The doctor looked the patient over carefully.
    a. examined
    b. gave a shot
    c. gave a medicine
    d. gave a prescription
  13. Two plus two equals four. This process is called
    a. multiplication
    b. division
    c. subtraction
    d. addition
  14. The plane landed the island.
    a. in
    b. on
    c. at
    d. from
  15. You’re in charge of the office.
    a. have possession of
    b. have responsibility for
    c. have something done
    d. have the money for
  16. The storm made much damage last night.
    a. strong
    b. a lot of
    c. severe
    d. several
  17. No, two dresses were alike.
    a. two dresses were alike
    b. two dresses were not alike
    c. everyone’s dresses were alike
    d. everyone’s dresses were different.
  18. He called a cab so he will travel _______ .
    a. by bus
    b. by taxi
    c. by private car
    d. on a taxi
  19. New York attracts many people every year.
    a. many people visit there.
    b. many people like there
    c. some people spend a night there
    d. everybody is pulled to New York
  1. a. He looked the patient over.
    b. He over looked the patient.
    c. The patient looked he over.
    d. The patient looked over him.


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