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ALCPT Examples -49

  1. a. Where he lives?
    b. Where does he lives?
    c. Where does he live?
    d. Where is he live?
  2. a. We arrive last night.
    b. We arrived last night.
    c. We are arriving last night
    d. We’ve arrived last night.
  3. a. He did left yesterday
    b. He left yesterday
    c. He has letf yesterday
    d. He doesn’t leave yesterday
  4. a. Why he go home?
    b. Why he went home?
    c. Why did he went home?
    d. Why did he go home?
  5. a. Did he finish the test?
    b. Did he finishes the test?
    c. Does he finishes the test?
    d. Did he finished the test?
  6. a. Where is graphite found?
    b. Where graphite is found?
    c. Where is found graphite ?
    d. Where graphite found?
  7. a. How you did that?
    b. How you did do that?
    c. How did you do that?
    d. How do you did that?
  8. a. Where did you found your book?
    b. Where you found your book?
    c. Where did your find your book?
    d. Where did you find your book?
  9. Scientists are still discovering new creatures.
    a. lands
    b. minerals
    c. animals
    d. plants
  10. We are interested in special purpose organs.
    a. discoveries
    b. mechanisms
    c. materials
    d. methods
  11. Some animals have uncanny abilitles.
    a. interesting
    b. believable
    c. certain
    d. strange
  12. The car collided with the truck.
    a. ran into
    b. went around
    c. avoided
    d. crowded
  13. Your mother will direct you along the coast.
    a. restrict
    b. confine
    c. connect
    d. guide
  14. Many animals direct themselves using echoes.
    a. rebounding sounds
    b. frequent sounds
    c. land sounds
    d. soft sounds
  15. Some birds emit high-pitched sounds.
    a. copy in
    b. like with
    c. send out
    d. listen to
  16. How do you account for his interest in sculptures. .
    a. like
    b. explain
    c. accept
    d. change
  17. The tortoise swims with remarkable skill.
    a. awkward
    b. deficient
    c. extraordinary
    d. considerable
  18. Let me give you a hand.
    a. sat around
    b. help
    c. see
    d. shake
  19. He finally caught on.
    a. looked around
    b. heard me
    c. got in
    d. understood
  20. Elasticity is an important property of rubber.
    a. advantage
    b. requirement
    c. characteristic
    d. indication


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