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ALCPT Examples -48

  1. My clothes wore out fast
    a. became saturated with
    b. became wet
    c. became old
    d. became painted
  2. I would rather have coffee than tea.
    a. prefer to have
    b. had better drink
    c. likes to drink
    d. don’t want to drink
  3. I am really tired of riding the bus
    a. tired from
    b. became of
    c. sick of
    d. charged
  4. Mary put on some weight recently.
    a. lost
    b. gained
    c. died
    d. had put
  5. They stopped studying German
    a. gave away
    b. gave off
    c. gave out
    d. gave up
  6. He got used to hearing English.
    a. became accustomed to
    b. was used to
    c. be accustomed to
    d. got unfamiliar to
  7. He passed out and was taken to the hospital.
    a. died
    b. fainted
    c. injured
    d. passed away
  8. I have quite a few friends in the U.S.
    a. only a few
    b. little
    c. many
    d. some
  9. We have to cut down on our expences.
    a. reduce
    b. introduce
    c. produce
    d. increase
  10. They sometimes come and see us.
    a. rarely
    b. seldom
    c. often
    d. occasionally
  11. She gets on the bus at Paris.
    a. enters
    b. left
    c. leaves
    d. get in
  12. She gets off the bus at Londra.
    a. enters
    b. left
    c. leaves
    d. get in
  13. He’ll come back tomorrow.
    a. retired
    b. entire
    c. revolve
    d. return
  14. A furnace is used to produce _
    a. food
    b. heat
    c. neat
    d. product
  15. Ingredients are the things a mixture is made __
    a. in
    b. of
    c. from
    d. for
  16. To reduce friction , we use _
    a. coment
    b. plastic
    c. lubricant
    d. alive
  17. Lubricants are __ substances.
    a. slick
    b. sticky
    c. hard
    d. solid
  18. Cement is used to __ things together.
    a. fasting
    b. fastening
    c. fasten
    d. sticks
  19. This one adheres to another easily.
    a. slick
    b. skips
    c. stacks
    d. sticks
  20. Graphite is a soft form of _____.
    a. clay
    b. carbon
    d. lead
    d. iron


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