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ALCPT Examples -47

  1. They put the computer together step by step.
    a. over and over
    b. little by little
    c. all of a sudden
    d. at once
  2. The school we’re in here faces the sea.
    a. looks out on
    b. looks it over
    c. looks it up
    d. looks out of
  3. The mechanic examined the car thoroughly.
    .a. looked around
    b. looked it overhall
    c. looked over
    d. looked out
  4. She made up a very funny story.
    a. found out
    b. heard
    c.. invented
    d. said
  5. They visit us occasionally.
    a. all the time
    b. most of the time
    c. once in a while
    d. once upon a time
  6. This style is out of date.
    a. before its time
    b. old fashioned
    c. very new
    d. expensive
  7. She chose the best dress in the store.
    a. picked in
    b. picked from
    c. picked up
    d. pickedout
  8. The refere put off the game.
    a. called down
    b. put out
    c. called up
    d. postponed
  9. The pilot should look at the manual off and on.
    a. on and on
    b. over and over
    c. from time to time
    d. usually
  10. It was a hard course. But she made it.
    a. succeeded
    b. failed
    c. fell behind
    d. gone forward
  11. It is so painful that I can’t put up with it.
    a. ful
    b. endure
    c. endorse
    d. encounter
  12. He got over his illness recently
    a. got worse
    b. recovered from
    c. took over
    d. climbed
  13. You will run across some difficult question.
    a. come out
    b. run away
    c. run up to
    d. run into
  14. Mehmetçik stands for all Turkish soldiers and sailors.
    a. goes for
    b. reprimands
    c. represents
    d. repairs
  15. He took over the company.
    a. buoght
    b. sold
    c. assumed control of
    d. argued with
  16. Where did the accident take place?
    a. happied
    b. occured
    c. found
    d. involve
  17. That was a very good idea. Who thought it up.
    a. made it out
    b. talked it over
    c. look it over
    d. invented it
  18. When will you turn in ? It’s getting late.
    a. hand in
    b. go to bed
    c. turn off
    d. come back
  19. Please turn out the lights.
    a. turn off
    b. turn in
    c. turn on
    d. turn right
  20. That waiter waited on us.
    a. served
    b. changed
    c. called
    d. showed


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