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ALCPT Examples -46

  1. We decided to hold a meeting.
    a. made up of our minds
    b. made up our mind
    c. made up ours mind
    d. made up our minds
  2. I came across my ex-wife downtown.
    a. had a date
    b. made a date
    c. met by chance
    d. met by change
  3. Your hotel bill comes to 75 dollars.
    a. costs
    b. value
    c. worth
    d. price
  4. We were interrupted by the operator.
    a. cut in off
    b. cut off from
    c. cut down on
    d. cut in on
  5. We postponed _ the meeting.
    a. to hold
    b. holding
    c. held
    d. have held
  6. She avoids __ me these days.
    a. to see
    b. seeing
    c. saw
    d. have been
  7. We’re looking forward to __.
    a. have visited
    b. have been visited
    c. visiting
    d. visit
  8. It was 5 pm when the meeting broke up.
    a. began
    b. finished
    c. went on
    d. interrupted
  9. Next saturday night’s concert was called off.
    a. cancelled
    b. called down
    c. reduced
    d. finished
  10. They bought a new electric stove.
    a. chased
    b. pursued
    c. priced
    d. purchased
  11. She couldn’t get in touch with me.
    a. concenrate on
    b. come up with
    c. communicate with
    d. come across to
  12. We feel sorry for him.
    a. take pity on
    b. take part on
    c. take for granted
    d. take on assume
  13. He got lost in the woods.
    a. couldn’t find his way
    b. lost his mind
    c. lost his weight
    d. lost his friend
  14. We did away with some old books.
    a. collected
    b. covered
    c. eliminated
    d. put away with
  15. We’ll get through the work tomorrow.
    a. be will
    b. finish
    c. see to
    d. begin
  16. They stopped fighting suddenly.
    a. gave away
    b. gave out
    c. gave up
    d. gave off
  17. We don’t have enough chairs to go around.
    a. around here
    b. around the school
    c. for everybody
    d. in the classroom
  18. The students had better study hard.
    a. should
    b. might
    c. must
    d. may
  19. He was willing to keep an eye on my kids.
    a. take pait in
    b. take after
    c. take down after
    d. take care of
  20. My watch runs well.
    a. is on the blink
    b. keeps good time
    c. kept it well
    d. says the time well


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