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ALCPT Examples -45

  1. He was a small child when the war __.
    a. broke into
    b. broke down
    c. broke in
    d. broke out
  2. It’s very _ to you.
    a. become
    b. became
    c. becoming
    d. becomes
  3. What has become _ my car?
    a. in
    b. of
    c. to
    d. off
  4. I’m tired from walking. Let’s __ the bus.
    a. get up
    b. get in
    c. get off
    d. get on
  5. She is very rich. She’s _.
    a. well-to-do
    b. very well
    c. well out
    d. well-built
  6. If I feel like doing something, I _.
    a. feel like a new man
    b. feel foolish
    c. have the desire to do it
    d. in fact, do nothing
  7. If she looks forward to something, she __.
    a. looks it out
    b. looks it up
    c. anticipates it
    d. participates it
  8. We can’t afford to eat __ every night.
    a. out
    b. away
    c. from
    d. about
  9. If you laugh at someone, you __.
    a. make up your mind about him
    b. make fun of him
    c. make a fool of yourself
    d. did a well job
  10. He looks after the baby. He __.
    a. resembles the baby
    b. calls for the baby
    c. takes after the baby
    d. takes care of the baby
  11. She will visit us in spite of the rain.. She will __.
    a. call on us despite the rain
    b. call for us in spite of the rain
    c. call down us in spite of the rain
    d. call off us in spite of the rain
  12. I will take up medicine at the University
    a. take some
    b. teach
    c. study
    d. sell
  13. The telephone isn’t working. It’s __.
    a. out of date
    b. out of order
    c. out of season
    d. out of hotness
  14. Joe takes after his father.
    a. looks alike
    b. looks after
    c. looks up
    d. looks like
  15. I wish I could stop smoking.
    a. cut in
    b. cut off
    c. cut out
    d. cut about
  16. I’ll pick up my laundry
    a. call on
    b. call for
    c. call up
    d. call in
  17. He was called down by the manager.
    a. called on the carpet
    b. sold the carpet
    c. knocked out
    d. telephoned
  18. She is used to _ .
    a. smoked
    b. smoke
    c. smoking
    d. smoky
  19. We’d like to telephone you later.
    a. call up
    b. call on
    c. call in
    d. call for
  20. I didn’t catch on to what he said.
    a. repeat
    b. understand
    c. forget
    d. memorize


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