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ALCPT Examples -44

  1. She began her work _ , she was always one to see things in their
    best light.
    a. hastily
    b. fearfully
    c. cheerfully
    d. doubtfully
  2. She put a few things in her suitcase and _ left the house. If she didn’t
    hurry she would miss the bus.
    a. hastily
    b. fearfully
    c. cheerfully
    d. doubtfully
  3. The puppy wagged his tail _ , he wasn’t sure whether the cat wanted to be friends or not.
    a. doubtfully
    b. fearfully
    c. cheerfully
    d. readily
  4. Let’s take a break
    a. We need to rest a minute
    b. They won’t miss just one
    c. I generally take mine in August
    d. I don’t never take a break.
  5. She beat me to the telephone.
    a. She used her belt
    b. She runs after me
    c. She runs faster than I do.
    d. It has an excellent flawor
  6. You can say that again !
    a. I’m sorry, I didn’t understand you
    b. She’s rather dumb, you’d better tell her again
    c. I certainly agree with you, on that.
    d. It’s your job to do it again
  7. Will you take a message, please ?
    a. Oh, I always have extras.
    b. Where shall I deliver it
    c. Certainly, I’d be happy to.
    d. No, thank you.
  8. Please get to the point.
    a. This part of the knife is dull
    b. I want to get home fast.
    c. Please, take it away from me.
    d. What is it you are trying to say.
  9. This mixer is defective.
    a. It is very lazy.
    b. It doesn’t work right
    c. It costs more than I can afford.
    d. It is very cheap.
  10. He is noted for his attention to detail.
    a. Not even the small things escape his notice
    b. He gives assignments to each work detail.
    c. He always rides in the last car of the train.
    d. He ignores the small things.
  11. It’s half past nine.
    a. It’s 8:30 a.m.
    b. It’s 0930 p.m.
    c. It’s 930 hours
    d. It’s 9:30
  12. She ‘s two-faced.
    a. She’s so mean she must have two heads.
    b. She says one thing to your face, another behind you.
    c. He’s been drinking much and sees two offer.
    d. She usually uses a lot of cosmetics.
  13. You look like the cat that ate the canary.
    a. You have been gaining weight.
    b. You need to shave.
    c. Did you just hear some good news ?
    d. You look very sleepy.
  14. The same programme will be _ the air at 9.
    a. in
    b. on
    c. at
    d. up
  15. He wants to leave _______.
    a. right on
    b. right to
    c. right about
    d. right away
  16. The train is __ to come.
    a. up
    b. out
    c. about
    d. readiness
  17. It is not dark in here. Turn the lights _______.
    a. in
    b. of
    c. off
    d. on
  18. He has finished his work _______.
    a. at most
    b. at least
    c. at last
    d. at the latest
  19. After a quarrel they __ again.
    a. made of
    b. made in
    c. made up
    d. made for
  20. The thief __ my house.
    a. broke into
    b. broke down
    c. broke out
    d broke up


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