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ALCPT Examples -42

  1. The sea was very calm yesterday.
    a. serene
    b. careful
    c. gravel
    d. secret
  2. The poor children pestered the travellers for money.
    a. irrigated
    b. bothered
    c. doubted
    d. eliminated
  3. ” Z ” is the last letter in the alphabet.
    a. first
    b. final
    c. low
    d. level
  4. I must get the radio fixed.
    a. filed
    b. failed
    c. replaced
    d. repaired
  5. Don’t yell at me like that !
    a. whisper
    b. bark
    c. shout
    d. toot
  6. It was the costly war in our history.
    a. expensive
    b. shoddy
    c. inferiorly
    d. powerful
  7. He boasted of the big fish he caught.
    a. complained
    b. borrowed
    c. showed
    d. bragged
  8. My bags were examined when I entered the country.
    a. investigated
    b. undone
    c. driven
    d. taken
  9. She isn’t here. She _______ to must her uncle at the airport.
    a. will go
    b. goes
    c. has gone
    d. had gone
  10. _________ you like to go on a picnic with me?
    a. would
    b. will
    c. can
    d. won’t
  11. ________ as the rain stops, you can go outside to play.
    a. so
    b. even
    c. İf
    d. as soon
  12. _______ exams is part of a teachers job.
    a. gave
    b. given
    c. giving
    d. having given
  13. Do you all have ____books?
    a. his
    b. your
    c. yours
    d. theirs
  14. The captain said he wanted four __ for a patrol behind enemy lines.
    a. volunteers
    b. cowards
    c. puppies
    d. children
  15. We watched the three little kittens playing _______ the grass.
    a. under
    b. at
    c. near
    d. in
  16. There _____ salesmen at the door all day long, they drove me crazy.
    a. have been
    b. has been
    c. will be
    d. are
  17. Have you ever __ a large truck?
    a. drove
    b. drived
    c. driven
    d. driving
  18. Have you __ the play so far?
    a. enjoy
    b. enjoys
    c. enjoying
    d. enjoyed
  19. During World War II metal was very ____ So we saved all our tin cans.
    a. plentiful
    b. abundant
    c. cheap
    d. scarce
  20. Will you let me know when this bus gets to Oxford street. I want to __
    a. get on
    b. get of
    c. get up
    d. get off


801-A 802-B 803-B 804-D 805-C 806-A 807-D 808-A 809-C 810-A

811-B 812-C 813-B 814-A 815-D 816-A 817-C 818-D 819-D 820-D