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ALCPT Examples -41

  1. Were the students happy about __ a holiday
    a. to get
    b. got have
    c. to have got
    d. getting
  2. The automobile is a __ form of transportations.
    a. depending
    b. depended
    c. dependable
    d. dependably
  3. The Indian women _____________small fields.
    a. are cultivated
    b. cultivates
    c. cultivated
    d. cultivating
  4. The police recovered the ______ jewellery yesterday.
    a. stealed
    b. stealing
    c. stole
    d. stolen
  5. Most newspapers are _____ to the home
    a. delivered
    b. delivering
    c. delivers
    d. been delivered
  6. The heads of the federal departments ______by the president .
    a. are sent
    b. are been assigned
    c. are named
    d. are called
  7. ________ do you speak and write English ?
    a. How quick
    b. How good
    c. How well
    d. How slow
  8. English is _______ in the schools of almost every nation.
    a. teaching
    b. taught
    c. teached
    d. been taught
  9. It can be altered into liquid.
    a. kept
    b. changed
    c. required
    d. amused
  10. Don’t argue with the policeman
    a. dispute
    b. request
    c. harmony
    d. favor
  11. These shirts are very stylish.
    a. plain
    b. short
    c. several
    d. fashionable
  12. His first attempt was unsuccessful.
    a. pray
    b. undermine
    c. try
    d. discourage
  13. Is it possible to see the trail on the scopes ?
    a. gauge
    b. temptation
    c. cough
    d. path
  14. We always celebrate these holly days.
    a. scold
    b. rejoice
    c. shift
    d. mobilize
  15. I estimate that it is about 200 km.
    a. rough guess
    b. average
    c. promise
    d. am afraid
  16. The jury announced that he was guiltless.
    a. probable criminal
    b. speechless
    c. innocent
    d. shifty
  17. He has recovered from his bad cold.
    a. realized
    b. recuparated
    c. evolved
    d. revolved
  18. The people ran from the enemy in terror.
    a. annoyance
    b. anger
    c. pleasure
    d. panic
  19. There were errors an both sides.
    a. stalemates
    b. misstates
    c. journeys
    d. mistakes
  20. John explained how to use the telephone.
    a. balanced
    b. hid
    c. clarified
    d. confused


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