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ALCPT Examples -40

  1. This part is broken. You should ________.
    a. paint it
    b. replace it
    c. mount it
    d. remount it
  2. Visibility is poor because of ________.
    a. heavy fog
    b. heavy rain
    c. many clouds
    d. lightnings
  3. What is a drizzle?
    a. an ailment
    b. a light rain
    c. a headache
    d. a kind of food
  4. Headlines are printed in __ .
    a. color type
    b. black and white
    c. beatiful colors
    d. large type
  5. He cleaned the picnic area by picking up the ______.
    a. baskets
    b. foods
    c. trash
    d. papers
  6. Their first goal was to win the game.
    a. make a score
    b. porpoise
    c. aim
    d. duty
  7. What is a digest?
    a. condensed forms of article
    b. articles for readers
    c. most remarkbe articles
    d. article which has local news
  8. “Sometimes” is equilavant for “Occasionally”
    a. not different for
    b. equality to
    c. similarty for
    d. almost the same as
  9. He was sick, but he has a good appetite now.
    a. He is sick now
    b. He is not eating now
    c. His eating is all right now
    d. He is eager to take medicine now
  10. We’ve traveled in thunderstorms many times.
    a. in rough air
    b. an bumpy raods
    c. slippery and rainy
    d. on an old airplane
  11. Children are usually interested _ American Indians
    a. in
    b. on
    c. about
    d. for
  12. John’s car has a loose wheel________the right side.
    a. in
    b. on
    c. near
    d. at
  13. Mr.Jones knows ___________that word means.
    a. why
    b. where
    c. which
    d. what
  14. Indians used bows and arrows________kill bears.
    a. in
    b. for
    c. to
    d. and
  15. Blood is ________by the heart.
    a. pumping
    b. pump
    c. pumped
    d. pumper
  16. Are you all set _____ the exam ?
    a. to
    b. for
    c. on
    d. in
  17. Everybody was all set _________ .
    a. to
    b. going
    c. went
    d. to going
  18. I believe you have confused that word ________ another one.
    a. for
    b. with
    c. by
    d. from
  19. Richard and I don’t eat lunch at the snack bar _______ .
    a. some more
    b. furthermore
    c. any more
    d. moreover
  20. The usher ________ James to his seat.
    a. sent
    b. mailed
    c. pointed
    d. showed


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