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ALCPT Examples -4

  1. Their mission was to blow up the building.
    a. erection
    b. not to catch
    c. assignment
    d. situation
  2. I don’t want to interrupt you.
    a. cut off
    b. disconnect
    c. cut out
    d. cut in on
  3. The sailors abandoned the burning ship.
    a. watered
    b. left
    c. painted
    d. burned
  4. Nylon differs from silk as to origin and cost
    a. to be like
    b. to be similar
    c. to be unlike
    d. to be same
  5. He said “Hold the phone, please,”
    a. hang up
    b. answer it
    c. don’t hang up
    d. catch it
  6. New York and Boston are port cities.
    a. important cities
    b. harbor cities
    c. capital cities
    d. large cities
  7. I can pass this car before the oncoming car gets-here.
    a. passing
    b. going
    c. approaching
    d. vanishing
  8. I don’t believe in supersititions.
    a. magic
    b. super things
    c. good saying
    d. bad beliefs
  9. Mary and I do away with the old books.
    a. threw away
    b. eliminate
    c. renew
    d. restore
  10. John is a ________ student than Mary.
    a. more
    b. most
    c. best
    d. better
  11. I saw John last night.
    a. tomorrow night
    b. the night before yesterday
    c. yesterday
    d. the other night
  12. Which number is between 15 and 20.
    a. 8
    b. 10
    c. 16
    d. 23
  13. In what season does snow fall?
    a. spring
    b. summer
    c. fall
    d. winter
  14. What is the solid form of water?
    a. ice
    b. water
    c. vapor
    d. steam
  15. Alice went to the movies two hours before 13.00. When did she go to the movies?
    a. 09.00 hours
    b. 11.00 hours
    c. 13.00 hours
    d. 15.00 hours
  16. Bad weather hold up the flight.
    a. canceled
    b. decayed
    c. delayed
    d. deployed
  17. There are many high buildings here.
    a. height
    b. large
    c. wide
    d. tall
  18. I’ll be back at ten o’clock.
    a. in back of
    b. return
    c. detour
    d. remind
  19. Hotel prices are very expensive here.
    a. tall
    b. cheaper
    c. high
    d. reasonable
  20. Sue was sitting next to Mary in class.
    a. beside
    b. besides
    c. against
    d. in back of


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