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ALCPT Examples -39

  1. He got all the food from the basket.
    a. put the food in
    b. took the food out
    c. cooked the food on the basket
    d. selected the food from the basket.
  2. My wife has been sick, though.
    a. illness
    b. ailment
    c. patient
    d. ill
  3. This machine must have a malfunction.
    a. is working well
    b. is in good condition
    c. is not working
    d. is not clean
  4. Sally is able to swim every summer.
    a. may
    b. can
    c. ought to
    d. likely to
  5. Your mother is always in a hurry.
    a. rushing
    b. nervous
    c. relaxed
    d. at ease
  6. Before I finish my homework, I must finish drinking my coffee.
    a. continue
    b. fix
    c. quit
    d. quite
  7. You should go over your notes before exam
    a. run over
    b. reviev
    c. examine
    d. take notes
  8. The sailors had to abandon then ship.
    a. leave
    b. left
    c. right
    d. paint
  9. Jane wants to take part in sports.
    a. contest
    b. compete
    c. play
    d. participate
  10. The books were taken by the students.
    a. They checked the books
    b. They got the books
    c. They bought the students’ books
    d. They bought by the students.
  11. A student ought to study at least 2 hours
    a. maximum
    b. at most
    c. minimum
    d. extra
  12. The men used the baskets ______ fish.
    a. to catching
    b. for catching
    c. in order to catching
    d. for catch
  13. Would you please put those books back ___?
    a. What they bought
    b. Where they borrowed
    c. Why you borrowed
    d. Where they belong
  14. Why do you enroll in this course?
    a. to get more money
    b. to improve myself
    c. to have more leisure time
    d. to see my best friends
  15. We wanted him ___________ about it.
    a. to know
    b. know
    c. knew
    d. known
  16. The roads are covered with ice. They are __ .
    a. bumby
    b. bumpy
    c. rough
    d. slippery
  17. We had a shower coming home.
    a. took a bath
    b. took a shower
    c. got cought in rain
    d. bought a shower
  18. What do we use to put things together?
    a. papers
    b. slippers
    c. plicrs
    d. fasteners
  19. What is something we eat after meals, which is sweet?
    a. dessert
    b. cake
    c. ice-cream
    d. chocolate
  20. What do we say when hail is falling? We say ” it is _“.
    a. falling hail
    b. hail falls
    c. hailing
    d. hailing fall


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