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ALCPT Examples -38

  1. We couldn’t find any seats in the restaurant.
    a. foods
    b. chairs
    c. waiters
    d. plates
  2. Hail and sleet are _____ of water.
    a. iced forms
    b. iced form
    c. icy forms
    d. ice forms
  3. I turned in late last night
    a. admitted
    b. submitted
    c. gave back
    d. went to bed
  4. Mr. Adam is a skillful driver, on the other hand, Mr.Brown is a careless driver.
    a. They are both careless driver
    b. They are both skillful driver
    c. Mr.Adam is a careless driver
    d. Unlike Mr.Adam, Mr.Brown is a careless driver.
  5. They work ” just like a machine”.
    a. as an expensively built machine
    b. like an automobile
    c. as a complete unit
    d. like a strong animal
  6. You can attach these two ends together by using pliers.
    a. bend
    b. fasten
    c. operate
    d. arrange
  7. I would have bought a new shirt If I’d gone to İstanbul.
    a. He bought a new shirt
    b. He went to İstanbul
    c. He didn’t buy a new shirt
    d. He went tto İstanbul and bought a new shirt
  8. You can pick out the one you like best.
    a. choose
    b. chose
    d. choice
    c. chosen
  9. We had a cloudburst last night.
    a. a lot of clouds in the sky
    b. a lot of sunshine
    c. a lot of precipitation
    d. a lot of rain suddenly
  10. He operates a filling station
    a. sells
    b. runs
    c. works
    d. walks
  11. Mary is 15 , Jane is older. Alice is the oldest of all.
    a. Jane is the youngest.
    b. Jane is older than Alice.
    c. Alice is older than Mary.
    d. Jane is older than Mary and Alice.
  12. My book is ________ that one.
    a. as old as
    b. so old as
    c. the same
    d. as old as
  13. The car you have is _______ this one.
    a. the same as
    b. same as
    c. as the same as
    d. not so the same as
  14. Who’s going to take this one off?
    a. need to
    b. ought to
    c. will
    d. has to
  15. Henry checked out the hotel early this morning.
    a. registered
    b. left
    c. controlled
    d. went to


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