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ALCPT Examples -37

  1. John checked the steering checking the rubbers .
    a. wheelings
    b. doors
    c. steering wheels
    d. tires
  2. He has a talent of telling stories
    a. stories about music
    b. ability
    c. stability
    d. determination
  3. He has to see the doctor immediatelly
    a. right now
    b. in a minute
    c. at once
    d. immediate
  4. Is there any telephone both ?
    a. a place to sit
    b. a thing for walking
    c. a small enclosure
    d. a small enclosed
  5. What is a hunting permit?
    a. A place where you can hunt
    b. an animal which you can hunt
    c. a license you use for hunting
    d. a vehicle you use for hunting
  6. Students ought to pay attention to their inmates.
    a. listen carefully
    b. believe deeply
    c. love all the time
    d. do their homework darly
  7. Officials may be removed from the office.
    a. remounted
    b. rejected
    c. dismissed
    d. disposal
  8. He used a telescope to ________ .
    a. have a close view
    b. see the general
    c. get the idea of ceremony
    d. see the small insects
  9. John is going to work in technical area.He needs ______.
    a. much money
    b. special skill
    c. a secratery
    d. some training
  10. I would like to know the capacity of this tank.
    a. how well it is built
    b. how much water it holds
    c. the material it is made
    d. how strong it is
  11. He arranged to go to Mexico next summer
    a. adjusted
    b. attached
    c. admitted
    d. planned
  12. Why does he have to study much ?
    a. ought to
    b. should
    c. must
    d. need to


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