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ALCPT Examples -36

  1. He likes to read cartoons in the newspaper.
    a. ads
    b. stories
    c. news
    d. classified
  2. He used an electric grinder to _ .
    a. sharpen the tool
    b. drive a nail
    c. screw a screwdriver
    d. clean the tool
  3. The hail last night made a serious damage.
    a. a heavy rain
    b. a piece of ice
    c. an aircraft crash
    d. an accident
  4. I occasionally go to the movies.
    a. then and after
    b. usually
    c. three times a day
    d. now and then
  5. We use hammers to __.
    a. drive a car
    b. cut the metal
    c. drive a screw
    d. drive a nail
  6. There were approximately 20 teachers.
    a. over than 20
    b. more over than 20
    c. less than 15
    d. about 20
  7. He dreads to speak in public.
    a. has an opportunity
    b. has a fear
    c. has an ability
    d. doesn’t afraid
  8. There was a flammable liquid in the tank.
    a. something heavy
    b. something easly runs
    c. something burns easily
    d. something explodable
  9. We had a sudden snacks before we left
    a. big
    b. small
    c. quick
    d. light
  10. I got a surprise present last night.
    a. expectable
    b. unexpectable
    c. expecting
    d. inexpected
  11. I bought a new car recently.
    a. before
    b. now and then
    c. every 5 years
    d. lately


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