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ALCPT Examples -35

  1. She was in the room by ________
    a. him
    b. me
    c. herself
    d. myself
  2. A man with children is a ______ .
    a. mother
    b. father
    c. brother
    d. waitress
  3. Parents are ________ than their children.
    a. mine young
    b. younger
    c. more younger
    d. older
  4. Mary has only ________ uniform.
    a. some
    b. an
    c. a
    d. a few
  5. Mary met a ________ gentleman.
    a. pretty
    b. beautiful
    c. lovely
    d. handsome
  6. I counted fifty __ in the room.
    a. people
    b. peoples
    c. person
    d. student
  7. Student pilots are usually very __ to fly.
    a. alert
    b. meagre
    c. eager
    d. careful
  8. He is __ aircraft maintenance.
    a. in change of
    b. in charge of
    c. in place of
    d. in group of
  9. Discipline is _______ in military life
    a. impossible
    b. necessary
    c. determined
    d. remarkable
  10. In what direction do the ________ winds blow.
    a. prevail
    b. prevalent
    c. prevalented
    d. prevailing
  11. I thought It was a very uninteresting and _____ film I saw last night.
    a.. exciting
    b. interesting
    c. boring
    d. sharp
  12. He is ______ to be careless with his new car.
    a. able
    b. ought
    c. apt
    d. like
  13. He is not relaxed at the wheel.
    a. efficient
    b. tense
    c. sensitive
    d. careful
  14. I can’t feel anything. My fingers are _____ with cold.
    a. freeged
    b. numb
    c. cold
    d. hot
  15. It is dangerous to ________ the speed limit in a city.
    a. exert
    b. except
    c. expect
    d. exceed
  16. The pilot has to ________ his instrument for flying.
    a. depend
    b. rely to
    c. rely on
    d. dependent
  17. A scientific theory is _______ on facts.
    a. relied
    b. counted
    c. charged
    d. based
  18. The wind ______ is 30 m.p.h.
    a. speed
    b. blows
    c. blow
    d. hits
  19. The back part of the shoe is the ________ .
    a. hill
    b. heel
    c. hell
    d. hull
  20. One $10 bill and ten $ 1 bills are of ________ buying value.
    a. equality
    b. equalance
    c. equal
    d. equaled


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