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ALCPT Examples -34

  1. Can I count on you? Yes I am ________ .
    a. independable
    b. independed
    c. depended
    d. dependable
  2. There was a sharp and knife wind. The weather was________.
    a. hot
    b. cold
    c. rain
    d. sunny
  3. Every body ____________ money to new organization.
    a. has contribute
    b. have contributed
    c. has contributed
    d. has contributance
  4. There was a lot of water in the air. The weather has _____ in it.
    a. dust
    b. humidity
    c. wind
    d. oxygen
  5. Jane contributes in sport activities.
    a. she plays games
    b. she watches games
    c. she likes games
    d. she helps games
  6. It is a secret between you and ______.
    a. I
    b. me
    c. they
    d. he
  7. The chairs are in back of the building.
    a. behind
    b. in the
    c. out of
    d. next to
  8. He was always punctual at school.
    a. late
    b. early
    c. on time
    d. sick
  9. Chin is a part of your _______ .
    a. face
    b. leg
    c. chist
    d. arm
  10. I have attended class for a long time.
    a. for an extended time
    b. for a short while
    c. for a while long
    d. for instance
  11. He slammed on the brakes.
    a. put on face
    b. put the brakes down suddenly
    c. slightly pushed
    d. released
  12. A meter is a measure of __________ .
    a. long
    b. distance
    c. thermometer
    d. kilometer
  13. We do ________ in books and newspapers.
    a. to read
    b. read
    c. reading
    d. readed
  14. An airplane may give a ______ to a number of persons.
    a. lift
    b. life
    c. ticket
    d. seats
  15. Some persons have a __ of things which are of no danger to them.
    a. sense
    b. shame
    c. reaction
    d. fear
  16. If you let the wing of the airplane touch the side of the building you may___________.
    a. damage
    b. do damage
    c. did damage
    d. demolishing
  17. We must always show ________ to our parents.
    a. example
    b.. reward
    c. award
    d. respect
  18. A city’s parks are ________ property.
    a. public
    b. private
    c. prison
    d. proper
  19. He goes to the library ________ he is in the city.
    a. however
    b. whenever
    c. whoever
    d. whatever
  20. “Wise” and “foolish” have _________ different meanings.
    a. completely
    b. expertly
    c. privately
    d. usually


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