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ALCPT Examples -33

  1. When are you going to give up smoking.
    a. begin
    b. put out
    c. put off
    d. surrender
  2. When he got home he ________ receive a cheek.
    a. may
    b. can
    c. will
    d. might
  3. They didn’t have ________ to do.
    a. anything
    b. something
    c. nothing
    d. some one
  4. Propeller rotates on its axis.
    a. turns
    b. breaks
    c. comes
    d. comes around
  5. There were a number of students in lab.
    a. many
    b. a few
    c. several
    d. much
  6. It was equipped with furniture.
    a. bought
    b. painted
    c. crowded
    d. furnished
  7. I doubt he went to class.
    a. am sure
    b. am not certain
    c. feel
    d. think
  8. He was sinking very slowly.
    a. going down
    b. going up
    c. swimming
    d. flonting
  9. He studied English ________ a language school.
    a. into
    b. at
    c. from
    d. on
  10. He took the flowers ________ the table.
    a. upon
    b. on
    c. in
    d. from(off)
  11. The machine was out of order.
    a. running well
    b. not running
    c. operating
    d. operated
  12. When did she give you a ring?
    a. calkapse
    b. visit
    c. telephone
    d.. call down
  13. John mailed me a package last month.
    a. sent
    b. wrote
    c. bought
    d. viad
  14. the class will be over at 6 o’clock.
    a. ended
    b. got through
    c. finish
    d. start
  15. This hotel room is very convenient.
    a. expensive
    b. cheap
    c. used
    d. handy
  16. Which subjects did you take up this year?
    a. pass
    b. study
    c. slender
    d. select
  17. It was a very narrow passage way.
    a. wide
    b. long
    c. height
    d. not wide
  18. I sometimes go there by bus.
    a. often
    b. occasionally
    c. usually
    d. most of the time
  19. He was not guilty of the charge.
    a. innocent
    b. anonymous
    c. paid
    d. not paid
  20. You should carry on your studies.
    a. continue
    b. memorize
    c. take notes
    d. do


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