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ALCPT Examples -32

  1. He keeps _______ his old friends.
    a. in with touching
    b. touch in with
    c. in touch with
    d. with in touch
  2. “Lay off” means _______ at.
    a. take
    b. make
    c. come down
    d. stop
  3. It’s unsafe to drive with _______ breakes.
    a. defect
    b. defected
    c. defective
    d. defection
  4. How many students ________ in class.
    a. was
    b. there were
    c. was there
    d. were there
  5. The nurse ____________ is my sister.
    a. when you saw
    b. where you saw
    c. you saw
    d. what you saw
  6. What is the last month of a year?
    a. january
    b. december
    c. february
    d. november
  7. The pilot landed his plane.
    a. board on his plane
    b. crashed his plane
    c. take his plane off
    d. brought his plane down
  8. He often uses dictonary.
    a. looks into words
    b. looks up to words
    c. looks up words
    d. looks for words
  9. I put the book some where.
    a. place
    b. table
    c. shelf
    d. what
  10. I was informed that I’ll be in class.
    a. noticed
    b. notified
    c. realized
    d. shaped
  11. Some things are rigid in position.
    a. stick
    b. solid
    c. stiff
    d. stone
  12. Why don’t you try that gradually?
    a. one by one
    b. one after another
    c. quickly
    d. little by litle
  13. I must be there twelve sharp.
    a. exactly at 12:00
    b. by twelve o’clock
    c. until 12:00 noon
    d. 12:00 p.m.
  14. He came here the day before yesterday.
    a. in two days
    b. two days before
    c. two days ago
    d. after two days
  15. I’ll be there in a few minutes.
    a. several
    b. five
    c. many
    d. not many
  16. I put a notice on the bulletin board.
    a. address
    b. marked
    c. announcement
    d. advicement
  17. Who made her so angry?
    a. weak
    b. mad
    c. maid
    d. annoy
  18. Coffee is stimulating I _ coffee.
    a. ought to like
    b. would like
    c. might like
    d. must like
  19. A tape measure is used to measure ___________ .
    a. heights between distances
    b. weights
    c. distance
    d. liquids
  20. There was a crowd there at noon.
    a. many cars
    b. many trees
    c. many people
    d. many traffic


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