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ALCPT Examples -31

  1. We’re told to work it out ourselves.
    a. study
    b. solve
    c. copy
    d. do
  2. What is a laboratory?
    a. a learning center
    b. a research room
    c. a testing room
    d. a medical building
  3. We thoroughly enjoyed the movie.
    a. barely
    b. among
    c. fully
    d. completely
  4. We were already aboard the plane.
    a. beside
    b. near
    c. in or on
    d. off
  5. What do you do when you depart?
    a. arrive
    b. leave
    c. enter
    d. go back
  6. He was told numerous times not to drive fast.
    a. more
    b. additional
    c. extra
    d. many
  7. You should take over while I’m on vacation.
    a. assume control
    b. catch up on
    c. change
    d. carry out
  8. I need some accurate information.
    a. sure
    b. close
    c. excellent
    d. precise
  9. The recorder had many defects.
    a. things worked right
    b. interesting things
    c. dull things
    d. things did not work right
  10. I didn’t know when it would be completed.
    a. constructed
    b. finished
    c. continued
    d. worked out
  11. He got through with part of the job.
    a. worked
    b. stopped
    c. completed
    d. rested
  12. I want to examine the records.
    a. look up
    b. look up to
    c. look in
    d. look over
  13. The can of milk was leaking.
    a. breaking
    b. falling
    c. dripping
    d. getting wet
  14. He needs to find the initial letter he wrote.
    a. last
    b. first
    c. old
    d. new
  15. The young boy floated.
    a. swam
    b. drowned
    c. didn’t sink
    d. dived
  16. He was to construct a bridge.
    a. finish
    b. get across
    c. build
    d. desing
  17. The commander rejected the first plan.
    a. didn’t like
    b. enjoyed
    c. didn’t accept
    d. favored
  18. I am in training business. What do I do?
    a. I teach
    b. I travel
    c. I repair
    d. I coustruct
  19. Jack ________ at the airport.
    a. meets
    b. met
    c. will meet
    d. will be met
  20. Do you know how much _______?
    a. milk cost here
    b. costs milk
    c. milk costs
    d. milk cost


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