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ALCPT Examples -30

  1. The man wouldn’t carry ______ the orders.
    a. on
    b. out
    c. off
    d. of
  2. A dime is __ ten cents.
    a. value
    b. worthy
    c. valuable
    d. worth
  3. There is a ring around the moon.
    a. cycle
    b. circle
    c. encircle
    d. cylinder
  4. What color is your uniform?
    a. thick
    b. long
    c. red
    d. tind
  5. If I teach Algebra, what do I teach?
    a. science
    b. chemistry
    c. mathematics
    d. geometry
  6. Tom operates a service station.
    a. runs
    b. owns
    c. delivers
    d. stops
  7. I wanted to change the design of the house.
    a. size
    b. color
    c. plan
    d. shape
  8. The explosion was instantaneous.
    a. quickly
    b. in a while
    c. briefly
    d. in that instant
  9. The action was instantaneous.
    a. soon
    b. immediately
    c. not long after
    d. shortly
  10. A television set which is very compact is________ .
    a. a very small set
    b. a set that is closely put together
    c. a low set
    d. a tiny set
  11. Some people prefer a compact car.
    a. a small car
    b. a medium-sized car
    c. a large car
    d. a used car
  12. Bosses do not like the people who are idle.
    a. bussy
    b. slow
    c. sick
    d. not busy
  13. The factory is idle now.
    a. in good condition
    b. not completed
    c. not ready for use
    d. not in use
  14. This product has many applications.
    a. designs
    b. codes
    c. uses
    d. defects
  15. Tom was told to cut down on his smoking.
    a. reduce
    b. quit
    c. increase
    d. buy
  16. I don’t have the solution to that trouble.
    a. answer
    b. problem
    c. truth
    d. reason
  17. He was told to attach a copy of orders.
    a. fold
    b. fasten
    c. copy
    d. take a copy
  18. The commander told him to carry out the instructions.
    a. pick up
    b. read
    c. follow
    d. copy
  19. Your car is comparable to mine.
    a. is better than
    b. is smaller than
    c. is similar to
    d. is older than
  20. The first two digits of the amount were unclear.
    a. letters
    b. desings
    c. numbers
    d. codes


581-B 582-D 583-B 584-C 585-C 586-A 587-C 588-D 589-B 590-B

591-A 592-D 593-D 594-C 595-A 596-A 597-B 598-C 599-C 600-C

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