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ALCPT Examples -3

  1. The students made up their minds to go to party.
    a. went
    b. wanted
    c. declared
    d. decided
  2. Occasionally Joe is going to the movies.
    a. Sometimes
    b. rarely
    c. usually
    d. always
  3. John is irritated with his friends.
    a. bothered (annoyed)
    b. talked
    c. rewarded
    d. communicated
  4. They left out important words.
    a. skipped
    b. memorized
    c. got use to
    d. went on
  5. He dreads going to the dentist.
    a. is willing to
    b. isn’t afraid of
    c. fears
    d. feathers
  6. You should report at headquarters at once.
    a. immidiately
    b. scarcely
    c. promptly
    d. at one time
  7. Today’s lecture is heard by everybody.
    a. menu
    b. talk
    c. device of record
    d. woman
  8. He pointed the corner and said ” please sit there
    a. He sit in the corner
    b. He sit on the corner
    c. He sit under the corner
    d. He sit somewhere in the back
  9. He said instrument Panel is very important.
    a. a place where you sit
    b. a place where you hang
    c. a board holding the Gauges
    d. a vehicle you get on
  10. He bought a light-weight uniform
    a. clothes for flying
    b. clothes for swimming
    c. clothes for training
    d. clothes for summer
  11. He asked where he could find the weather news.
    a. in the want ads section
    b. in the weather report section
    c. on the first page
    d. on the editorial page
  12. Larry seems very antagonistic
    a. hostile
    b. friendly
    c. anxious
    d. Hungary
  13. We had a thundershower last night.
    a. a rain with snow
    b. a rain with lightning
    c. a snow with ice
    d. a rain with sunlight..
  14. Synthetic fabrics are made from ______ .
    a. wool
    b. cotton
    c. artificial things
    d. big plants
  15. In summer 98% saturated air means ______ .
    a. snow
    b. clear, sunny day
    c. lightning
    d. rain
  16. A thermometer is used to measure ______ .
    a. pressure
    b. temperature
    c. density
    d. humidity
  17. Competitive sports are ________ .
    a. played with a team against another
    b. played with everybody
    c. played with children
    d. played with a group
  18. Scales are used for ________ .
    a. stealing objects
    . b. weighing objects
    c. treasury of objects
    d. driving objects
  19. The man said turn off the faucet. He wanted us to _______ .
    a. switch on
    b. switch off
    c. switch of
    d. switch up
  20. The dentist drilled Haymoor’s tooth.
    a. made a hole
    b. put a medicine
    c. gave him a shot
    d. broke his teeth


41-D 42-A 43-A 44-A 45-C 46-C 47-B 48-A 49-C 50-D

51-B 52-A 53-B 54-C 55-D 56-B 57-A 58-B 59-B 60-A