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ALCPT Examples -29

  1. There is a ring around the moon
    a. square
    b. satelite
    c. circle
    d. mountain
  2. Which country is located to the North of U.S.A. ?
    a. Texas
    b. Mexico
    c. Canada
    d. New York
  3. I have trouble _____ my car
    a. starter
    b. started
    c. starting
    d. to start
  4. What is berth on the train ?
    a. a place to eat food
    b. a place to sleep in
    c. a place to sit on
    d. a place to put your baggage
  5. That building is the __ in the city.
    a. higher
    b. highest
    c. most highest
    d. more higher
  6. The weather was so bad that we _____ .
    a. shouldn’t fly
    b. may fly
    c. can’t fly
    d. couldn’t fly
  7. We don’t get used to new foods very quickly.
    a. find money for
    b. forget
    c. be accustom to
    d. become accustomed to
  8. There are four main ways to travel in the U.S.
    a. fast
    b. cheap
    c. principal
    d. different
  9. Adam’s blue shirt is just as mine.
    a. He has a new shirt
    b. He wants my shirt
    c. My shirt is blue
    d. He has my shirt on
  10. Mary usually turns in late.
    a. hands in
    b. turns off
    c. comes to class
    d. goes to bed
  11. The injured man passed out.
    a. died
    b. fainted
    c. passed away
    d. recovered from
  12. The instructor wanted the students to turn in their papers in two minutes.
    a. look over
    b. hand in
    c. turn over
    d. study
  13. Keep your eyes on that man.
    a. take part in him
    b. take after him
    c. take care of him
    d. take charge of him
  14. The contract _________ by this time
    a. will sing
    b. will have singed
    c. will have been singed
    d. have been singed
  15. This building needs to _________ repaired.
    a. painting
    b. be
    c. got
    d. make
  16. I am interested _________ meeting your friend.
    a. in
    b. on
    c. with
    d. for
  17. Would it be better to buy a new radio instead of _____ to repair it?
    a. try
    b. trying
    c. buying
    d. to buy
  18. I am afraid I __ a mistake
    a. do
    b. did
    c. made
    d. make
  19. John isn’t as fast now _______ he was.
    a. while
    b. when
    c. as
    d. tha


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571-A 572-B 573-C 574-C 575-B 576-A 577-B 578-C 579-C 580-B

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