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ALCPT Examples -28

  1. What is the force which attracts objects towards the centre of the earth?
    a. gravity
    b. orbit
    c. surforce
    d. revolution
  2. The passengers on the plane depend on the pilot.
    a. The passengers didn’t count on the pilot
    b. They rely on the pilot’s skill
    c. The pilot was very skillful
    d. It was a very skillful plan.
  3. Jonh recovered from an illness.
    a. He discovered an illness
    b. He has been seriously ill.
    c. He didn’t find out anything
    d. He is fine now
  4. Mr.Brown refused to help us ski.
    a. He didn’t help us
    b. He settled the occasion
    c. We regretted to take ski lesson
    d. We had no refuse
  5. She failed because of lack of studying.
    a. She won’t study hard.
    b. She didn’t study hard.
    c. She doesn’t study hard.
    d. She was ill.
  6. You should oil the machine in order to make it operate well.
    a. The machine isn’t operating well
    b. We expect the machine to operate well
    c. The machine might operate well
    d. We should take care of the machine well
  7. Natural and artificial light come from the sun directly or indirectly.
    a. The energy of the match comes from the sun
    b. The sun has a lot of energy
    c. The match burns because it has energy
    d. The sun contains energy
  8. Mary and Sue are hungry.
    a. Many people are hungry
    b. There is little food
    c. They are starving
    d. Many of them are ill
  9. The police suppressed the riot.
    a. surplused
    b. enlarged
    c. held back
    d. supported
  10. The judge can hardly hear the defendant.
    a. He doesn’t hear him
    b. He hears him hard
    c. He defends himself
    d. He hears the defendant difficultly.
  11. I shouldn’t have told him the truth.
    a. I told him the truth
    b. I didn’t tell him the truth
    c. Should I tell him the truth ?
    d. I shouldn’t tell him the truth
  12. He didn’t respect us intentionally
    a. He intended to respect us
    b. He intentionally respect us
    c. He didn’t respect us intentionally
    d. His intention was unknown
  13. Mary is fifteen and so John is.
    a. Mary isn’t as young as John
    b. Mary is as young as John
    c. George is older than Mary
    d. John is older than Mary
  14. I opened the door to go to the mess hall when Mary saw me.
    a. I left the school
    b. I was about to leave
    c. I was on that point
    d. The door was open
  15. I was in Istanbul for ten days last month.
    a. I was there ten days ago
    b. I spent my time in İstanbul
    c. I stayed there ten days
    d. I stayed there less ten days
  16. The truck will be loaded with the equipment on the ship which was sent by the company.
    a. The truck will convert the equipment
    b. The conversation will be done by the truck
    c. The ship will be loaded by the truck
    d. The truck will transport the equipment.
  17. Many people are being killed in traffic accidents everyday.
    a. People are engaged in car accidents
    b. People cause car accidents daily
    c. Car accidents are involved by people
    d. People are supported daily by accident
  18. They lost the enemy because of the fog
    a. The fog was slippery
    b. The boot was under the fog
    c. The enemy disappeared
    d. The cover was foggy
  19. He was surprised with the money he was paid
    a. He was working hard
    b. He was satisfied with the money
    c. He found the money less than he expected
    d. They paid him monthly
  20. The area was deserted by the enemy
    a. descended
    b. derived
    c. joined
    d. abandoned


541-A 542-B 543-D 544-A 545-B 546-D 547-A 548-C 549-C 550-A

551-A 552-C 553-B 554-B 555-C 556-D 557-A 558-C 559-C 560-D