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ALCPT Examples -27

  1. Please have Mr.Brown____________me tonight.
    a. call
    b. calls
    c. calling
    d. to call
  2. I haven’t got the tickets, _______.
    a. but
    b. although
    c. though
    d. on the other hand
  3. Which system deals with breathing?
    a. circulatory system
    b. respiratory system
    c. skeletal system
    d. digestive system
  4. You should keep studying hard from now on.
    a. continue
    b. finish
    c. leave
    d. stop
  5. You should call the doctor______________.
    a. injured at once
    b. in case of injuries
    c. to hunt him
    d. help him in any case
  6. Why do they prevent them ______ forming a nation.
    a. for
    b. from
    c. to
    d. not
  7. Who caused George _____ ?
    a. pay back
    b. give back
    c. give up
    d. to pay it back
  8. She has got the repairman _____ .
    a. have it fixed
    b. to have it fix
    c. to have it fixed
    d. to having it fix
  9. Passengers should __________of cars
    a. not aware
    b. conscious
    c. be aware
    d. not be ware
  10. Your passport is expired, sir.
    a. cancel
    b. cross out
    c. stay away
    d. invalid
  11. Many things in this area are immune
    a. immovable
    b. protected
    c. impartial
    d. imminent
  12. _________ is a natural beauty.
    a. for watching a free animal
    b. to watch a free animal
    c. Watching a free animal
    d. Watched a free animal
  13. I’ d rather ________ .
    a. watching TV to sleep
    b. watching TV to sleeping
    c. watch TV than sleep
    d. watch TV to sleep
  14. This book has been __ in the meeting
    a. mention
    b. mentioning
    c. mentions
    d. mentioned
  15. Oxygen and CO are the _______________of air.
    a. two metals
    b. few gases
    c. gaseous dust
    d. two ingredients
  16. Each division itself is a ______ unit.
    a. through
    b. complete
    c. all
    d. entirely
  17. Would you mind _________ the window
    a. opened
    b. open
    c. opening
    d. my open
  18. Electricity has gone. There must be _______.
    a. no current
    b. circuit
    c. short circuit
    d. electro magnet
  19. What is rain and snow ?
    a. humidity
    b. moisture
    c. precipitation
    d. prescription
  20. Air is neither solid _______
    a. or liquid
    b. nor a gas
    c. nor a liquid
    d. either a liquid


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