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ALCPT Examples -26

  1. He felt that there must be a difference.
    a. sensed
    b. forget
    c. destroy
    d. remembered
  2. He put some money in the bank.
    a. deposited
    b. lacked
    c. gained
    d. dropped
  3. I took the necessary things with me.
    a. free
    b. optional
    c. probable
    d. required
  4. He obeyed all the orders he was given .
    a. created
    b. celebrated
    c. followed
    d. wrote down
  5. He was on a sick call this morning.
    a. He was present
    b. He was in class
    c. He was ill.
    d. He wasn’t ill.
  6. Brass is a compound metal.
    a. satisfactory
    b. curreint
    c. complicated
    d. a mixture of two
  7. When seven is subtracted from ten, the result is __
    a. 17
    b. 70
    c. 3
    d. 4
  8. If you work 8 hours a day it makes _ hours for a week.
    a. 48
    b. 56
    c. 40
    d. 32
  9. You can avoid allisions ___________.
    a. we took any actions
    b. took any actions
    c. by taking many actions
    d. to take many actions
  10. He can’t find the money If you _______.
    a. hid the money
    b. hided the money
    c. hide the money
    d. to hide the money
  11. I would give you a letter If I __________.
    a. receive it
    b. received it
    c. had received it
    d. had had received it
  12. I will ________ by your house tomorrow at this time.
    a. be driving
    b. drive
    c. drove
    d. driven
  13. When you multiply 5 (by) 3 , it’s _________
    a. 2
    b. 8
    c. 15
    d. 2.5
  14. They went home after the game ended.
    a. played
    b. terminated
    c. agreed
    d. defended
  15. Jane looks like her mother.
    a. likes
    b. cares for
    c. looks after
    d. resembles
  16. They came back home hastily.
    a. quickly
    b. slowly
    c. carefully
    d. watchfully
  17. While we were going to town, we ran out of gas.
    a. had no gasoline
    b. met at the gas station
    c. a lot of gasoline
    d. some exhausts
  18. He is not familiar ________ that new word.
    a. with
    b. to
    c. at
    d. from
  19. Scales are used for ________ .
    a. to weigh objects
    b. weight objects
    c. much weight
    d. weighing objects
  20. Mary___________when I saw her.
    a. studies
    b. was studying
    c. is studying
    d. has been studying


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