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ALCPT Examples -25

  1. The damage is so _ that you hardly notice it.
    a. great
    b. slight
    c. specific
    d. in vain
  2. They don’t know how to read or write. They are __ .
    a. little educated
    b. illiterate
    c. weak
    d. fairy
  3. There is a relation between nutrition and __
    a. growth
    b. confidence
    c. breathing
    d. assemble
  4. It was __ dull speech that I fell asleep.
    a. so
    b. such
    c. such a
    d. very
  5. He would be thinking of home İf he _ .
    a. were
    b. was
    c. had been
    d. is being
  6. We watched the bus _ away.
    a. went
    b. go
    c. gone
    d. goes
  7. When his father died he _ the businness.
    a. put out
    b. give up
    c. put in
    d. give out
  8. The aircraft _ on the flight line
    a. is being flied
    b. looks like
    c. are
    d. runs
  9. I would rather go downtown __ here.
    a. to stay
    b. than stay
    c. to staying
    d. that staying
  10. _____ about you, before I heard of the accident you had.
    a. I have been thinking
    b. I will have been thinking
    c. I have already thought
    d. I had been thinking
  11. I haven’t seen him since __.
    a. yesterday
    b.. today
    c. five days
    d. two days ago
  12. He is a capable driver in the family
    a. efficient
    b. progress
    c. excellent
    d. homework
  13. If you have a question lift your hand.
    a. raise
    b. eliminate
    c. left
    d. sharp
  14. The ship discharged her load yesterday
    a. declared
    b. unloaded
    c. disappeared
    d. changed
  15. He certainly did his job well.
    a. by means of sure
    b. by no means
    c. anything
    d. without any doubt
  16. He helped him some money for present.
    a. contributed
    b. recovered
    c. left
    d. quarreled
  17. The company hired him .
    a. He doesn’t work with the company
    b. He is employed by the company
    c. He works for the goverment
    d. he is used to working
  18. I ran into a letter while cleaning the drawers.
    a. I found it unexpectedly
    b. It was torn
    c. I cleaned the letter.
    d. It turned down


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