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ALCPT Examples -24

  1. We depend on rubber for its so many uses.
    a. count on
    b. need
    c. supply
    d. rely
  2. Did the mechanic find out the trouble
    a. discovered
    b. forecast
    c. locate
    d. repair
  3. You need poor copper to do that.
    a. mixed
    b. unmixed
    c. well-off
    d. straighten
  4. Babies need pure milk to grow.
    a. mixed
    b. unmixed
    c. watery
    d. unwatery
  5. No matter how difficult situation becomes I will stand by you.
    a. represent
    b. support
    c. wait for
    d. listen to
  6. Air takes up space in the atmosphere.
    a. starts
    b. occupies
    c. shortens
    d. stirs
  7. It is the yellow big building next to the bank.
    a. besides
    b. at
    c. beside
    d. toward
  8. He wants to give up smoking.
    a. quit
    b. insist
    c. take up
    d. think trough
  9. Why don’t you cut down on expenses
    a. cut in to pieces
    b. raise
    c. isolate
    d. reduce
  10. The judge fined him 15 dollars for speeding
    a. rewarded
    b. for gave
    c. punished
    d. halted
  11. He must make up for the damage he could
    a. invent
    b. catch up on
    c. alter
    d. compensate
  12. I don’t know how to deal with a situation like this.
    a. count on
    b. handle
    c. comprehend
    d. communicate
  13. The electrical system furnishes the electric.
    a. provides
    b. produces
    c. gain
    d. holas
  14. He struggled against adverse circumstance
    a. misfortune
    b. unfavorable
    c. favorable
    d. friendly
  15. You should go over some of the points.
    a. review
    b. continue
    c. memorize
    d. replace
  16. My watch is fast. It gains 7 minutes everday.
    a. needs
    b. becomes
    c. requires
    d. acquires
  17. Don’t release the lever yet.
    a. let out
    b. return
    c. regulate
    d. extend
  18. Can you keep up the home now you have best your job.
    a. preserve
    b. escape
    c. maintain
    d. go over
  19. The Red Cross sent relief to the flood victims.
    a. aid
    b. free
    c. reduction
    d. A worry and excuse
  20. __ problems have solutions.
    a. No all
    b. Not many
    c. Not all
    d. No many


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