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ALCPT Examples -23

  1. American food tastes __ when one gets used to it.
    a. better
    b. very best
    c. more good
    d. more best
  2. He told his son to turn the TV on If he __
    a. should want
    b. would want
    c. want
    d. wanted to
  3. If I had more time , I _ him a letter.
    a. have written
    b. had written
    c. would have written
    d. would write
  4. The trouble by the mechanics
    a. was located
    b. locates
    c. was to located
    d. was locating
  5. They ___ since two o’clock.
    a. are waiting here
    b. wait here
    c. has waited here
    d. have waited here
  6. I have been in this school _.
    a. for six weeks
    b. since six weeks
    c. while six weeks
    d. to six weeks
  7. How do you check a performance of a new car?
    a. by looking at it
    b. by driving it
    c. by paying for it
    d. by repairing it
  8. We are having beautiful weather this February but a month ago we had snow.
    a. We had snow in January
    b. We had snow in March
    c. We had snow in December
    d. We have beautiful weather every month.
  9. I can’t go with you _ I’m busy.
    a. because
    b. but
    c. until
    d. because of
  10. How far is it to the school?
    a. four minutes
    b. near the Post office
    c. six miles
    d. far away to school
  11. Where do we get money order?
    a. at the bank
    b. at the finance office
    c. at the post office
    d. at the school
  12. After seeing the dog I feared.
    a. dreamed
    b. dreaded
    c. delayed
    d. depressed
  13. He took the flower __ the table.
    a. for
    b. off
    c. from
    d. with
  14. Do you mind _ the window?
    a. to open
    b. opening
    c. opened
    d. to be opened
  15. The molecules are far apart.
    a. close each other
    b. away from each other
    c. next to each other
    d. right to each other
  16. They sent the books by means of air mail
    a. avion
    b. avia
    c. via
    d. vie
  17. I would go to the movies İf I __ time.
    a. was
    b.. were
    c. have
    d. had
  18. Can you get resume of the book?
    a. assume control
    b. begining
    c. summary
    d. title
  19. What is your main aim to study English ?
    a. profit
    b. benefit
    c. goal
    d. idea
  20. You can realize the main point when you study that book.
    a. understand
    b. solve
    c. to know
    d. become aware


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