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ALCPT Examples -22

  1. I am tired __ reading that book.
    a. of
    b. with
    c. from
    d. in
  2. What should you do when the teacher asks you a question?
    a. write it down
    b. record it
    c. answer it
    d. erase it
  3. What is the air we breathe?
    a. a blue gas
    b. several gases together
    c. gases containing water
    d. a compound
  4. He has much time to do the work.
    a. none
    b. little time
    c. a lot of time
    d. very time
  5. He has a pain in his waist.
    a. rigth at the stomach
    b. below his stomach
    c. in his foot
    d. in his ankle
  6. He lost one of his grand parents.
    a. his father’s mother
    b. his father who is 90
    c. his brother’s father
    d. his father
  7. He wasn’t alert in the class this morning .
    a. He wasn’t sleepy.
    b. He was careful.
    c. He was sleepy
    d. He couldn’t sleep.
  8. He was eager to eat big dinner.
    a. In the cafeteria
    b. He has a good appetite
    c. at four o’clock
    d. bread and meat
  9. You should contact with your instructor.
    a. touch with your instructor
    b. forget your instructor
    c. get in touch with your instructor
    d. remember your instructor
  10. They were blinking the light.
    a. turning the light on
    b. turning the light off
    c. turning the light to the right and left
    d. turning the light off and on.
  11. They have the key to the right room.
    a. correct
    b. large
    c. opposite on the left
    d. wrong
  12. They have three rooms available
    a. There were three rooms at the hotel
    b. There were three clerks at the hotel
    c. Three rooms are ready to be used
    d. Three rooms are full with customers
  13. He was punctual at the school.
    a. never came late
    b. absent
    c. always late to class
    d. unusual student
  14. They canceled the meeting at 4:30 .
    a. called it off
    b. called for it
    c. called about it
    d. called in for it.
  15. Post office was quite a distance from school.
    a. beside
    b. close to
    c. far away
    d. next to
  16. He tore his suit while playing.
    a. made a paint in it
    b. made a hole in it
    c. made a dirt in it
    d. made a stitch in it
  17. He failed on the test.
    a. made a good score
    b. missed few question
    c. his score was unsatisfactory
    d. received help on the exam
  18. It was cloudy last night. But it cleared up this morning , didn’t it?
    a. It got worse yesterday
    b. The clouds went away last night.
    c. It was clear last night
    d. It was cloudy but clouds went away.
  19. When it is hailing we say the weather is _____
    a. stormy
    b. bathy
    c. harvesty
    d. sunny day
  20. They intend to go to USA next year.
    a. wish to
    b. plan to
    c. hope
    d. want


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