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ALCPT Examples -21

  1. It was snowing badly ?
    a. with dirt
    b. harmfully
    c. hardly
    d. thickly
  2. What happens to the water at 32 F ?
    a. it freezes
    b. it boils
    c. it is heated
    d. nothing remarkable
  3. Who takes care when you have a trouble with your car ?
    a. painter
    b. mechanic
    c. dentist
    d. repair shop
  4. He is interested __ photography.
    a. for
    b. with
    c. in
    d. on
  5. He was bored _ studying English.
    a. in
    b. with
    c. of
    d. on
  6. Neither father nor Mary smokes.
    a. She doesn’t smoke
    b. He doesn’t smoke
    c. They don’t smoke
    d. They smoke
  7. Both Mary and Sue speak Spanish.
    a. They don’t speak Spanish
    b. They speak Spanish
    c. She doesn’t speak Spanish
    d. She speaks Spanish and English.
  8. Both Mary and Sue drink coffee. Who drinks coffee?
    a. Mary or Sue
    b. Mary in Sue
    c. Sue with Mary
    d. Mary and Sue
  9. Neither father _ mother sleeps.
    a. nor
    b. or
    c. and
    d. with
  10. Neither Ira nor I __
    a. smoke
    b. smoken
    c. smoking
    d. weren’t smoking
  11. Both you and I __
    a. smokes
    b. smoke
    c. smoking
    d. was smoking
  12. The airplanes fly ____one continent ______ another less than 24 hours.
    a. to – and from
    b. from – to
    c. over – in
    d. to – over
  13. The bank is near the Post Office
    a. close to
    b. next to
    c. closed to
    d. beside
  14. There were many things behind the house.
    a. on the side of
    b. in the front of
    c. in the back of
    d. on opposite of
  15. He was used to ______ coffee.
    a. drink
    b. drinks
    c. have
    d. having
  16. Using the electricity makes people have more _ .
    a. money
    b. leisure time
    c. property
    d. salary
  17. The police officer said “Pull over your car”.
    a. stop
    b. decrease your speed
    c. slow down
    d. have another car pulled
  18. There was a minute particle in it.
    a. a hand
    b. tidy
    c. 60 seconds
    d. tiny
  19. Flammable liquids must be kept in __ containers.
    a. close
    b. closer
    c. closed
    d. closing
  20. They must be kept in safe places.
    a. helded
    b. stored
    c. had
    d. protested


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