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ALCPT Examples -2

  1. My hotel room faces Madison Avenue
    a. look out of
    b. look in on
    c. look out on
    d. look on out
  2. Sue broke away from the crowd
    a. joined away
    b. joint from
    c. scared of
    d. stopped associating
  3. Keep your eyes on the road
    a. Be aware of
    b. Be up for
    c. had them fixed
    d. got it cheap
  4. The students checked out their suitcases.
    a. registered
    b. paid for
    c. had them fixed
    d. got it cheap
  5. My father enjoy reading the local news.
    a. news in the continental
    b. news in abroad
    c. news in the city
    d. news in the states
  6. He fixed my car in an hour .
    a. in a period of an hour
    b. by a period of an hour
    c. after one o’clock
    d. between two hours
  7. Tom is a very neat person
    a. tiny
    b. tidy
    c. tone
    d. Tommy
  8. Mr. Jones tried out the plane
    a. fixed
    b. tested
    c. tasted
    d. toasted
  9. The hotel rooms are expensive
    a. not cheap
    b. cheap
    c. available
    d. properly
  10. I took swimming last year.
    a. went
    b. studied
    c. gone
    d. made
  11. Robert failed in his last exam.
    a. passed
    b. didn’t pass
    c. succeeded
    d. got a good grade
  12. The weather was cloudy but it cleaned up last night
    a. made rainy
    b. became windy
    c. became
    d. hail stormed
  13. Steve is not afraid to fly sole
    a. with an instructor
    b. alone
    c. in the back
    d. in the front
  14. I’m not used to drinking coffee
    a. be used for
    b. be accustomed to
    c. be accustom to
    d. be not accustomed to
  15. Don’t try this one on
    a. test
    b. fix
    c. shorten
    d. lengthen
  16. The sleeves are not long enough
    a. They are too long
    b. They are short
    c. They are wide
    d. They are loose
  17. Mary wrote a letter to Insurance Company
    a. to get a letter
    b. to borrow money
    c. to compensate for the accident
    d. to get her mother work
  18. The merchandise are expensive here.
    a. good
    b. well
    c. goods
    d. wells
  19. The suit for summer are on sale.
    a. expensive
    b. cheap (at a reduced price)
    c. available
    d. common
  20. Mr. Smith and Mr. Brown are business partners.
    a. friends with each other
    b. doctors on the land
    c. associated with another
    d. communicate with another


21-C 22-D 23-A 24-A 25-C 26-A 27-B 28-B 29-A 30-B

31-B 32-C 33-B 34-D 35-A 36-B 37-C 38-C 39-B 40-C