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ALCPT Examples -19

  1. This patch outlines my job in the Army.
    a. summary
    b. briefs
    c. indicates
    d. holds
  2. We ran ot of gas while driving to town.
    a. finished
    b. bought
    c. sold
    d. found
  3. Durable things last longer.
    a. flexible
    b. solid
    c. stable
    d. easily broken
  4. They did many feats in their field.
    a. jobs
    b. experiments
    c. achivements
    d. experiences
  5. I took it for granted that he was gone.
    a. accepted
    b. assumed
    c. understood
    d. realized
  6. He got a new vocation in that field.
    a. vehicle
    b. plant
    c. profession
    d. flowers
  7. It’s relevant with the other people.
    a. corporated
    b. coordinated
    c. similar
    d. related
  8. What holds you up ?
    a. effects
    b. delays
    c. looks
    d. takes
  9. Did you do away with these stuffy things ?
    a. eliminate
    b. repair
    c. paint
    d. sell
  10. The ship is discharging
    a. unloading
    b. changing direction
    c. loading
    d. eliminating
  11. Where did you come across that expression ?
    a. realize
    b. memorize
    c. summarize
    d. seize
  12. We shouldn’t believe in superstitions.
    a. fictitous
    b. fiction
    c. bad beliefs
    d. super things
  13. When did you hit the sack last night?
    a. go to bed
    b. short
    c. sleepy
    d. study
  14. He is addicted to smoking.
    a. likes very much
    b. habitually accustomed to
    c. hates to do it
    d. not accustomed to
  15. He makes up these kind of stories.
    a. tells
    b. invents
    c. writes
    d. memorizes
  16. He went to the bank to __ some money.
    a. try
    b. borrow
    c. lend
    d. steal
  17. The Lt. was put on red carpet by the commander.
    a. bought a rug
    b. reprimanded
    c. ordered
    d. promoted
  18. The thermostat is used to regulate the temperature in the class.
    a. adjust
    b. regularity
    c. control
    d. increase
  19. What regulates the temperature ?
    a. thermostat
    b. thermo
    c. barometer
    d. altimeter
  20. __________ liquids must be kept carefully.
    a. capable
    b. flammable
    c. explosive
    d. bloomy


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