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ALCPT Examples -17

  1. Jane should have gone to the party instead of studying on Saturday night.
    a. Jane didn’t study but attended to the party.
    b. Jane didn’t study and didn’t attend to the party.
    c. Jane studied but didn’t attend to the party.
    d. Jane studied and attend to the party.
  2. Henry slams the door and gets out.
    a. closes slightly
    b. opens a little
    c. slips under
    d. closes forcefully
  3. Marry has to be more carefull,________.
    a. has she ?
    b. hasn’t she ?
    c. don’t she ?
    d. doesn’t she ?
  4. It must have been forgotten. Must shows _______.
    a. necessity
    b. recommendation
    c. probability
    d. obligation
  5. Susan’s suitcase was so full that it wouldn’t shut. Susan’s suitcase was_______.
    a. big
    b. small
    c. loaded
    d. overloaded
  6. Do they mind _______I open the door ?
    a. because
    b. beside
    c. if
    d. whether
  7. The cowboy shot and bandit bit the dust .
    a. died
    b. kicked
    c. lied down
    d. fainted
  8. Please lend me _______ dollar.
    a. a few
    b. few
    c. a
    d. some
  9. We never learn from history.
    a. We learn many things by history
    b. History is important in people’s life
    c. We repeat the mistakes of the past
    d. We don’t learn through history
  10. The helicopter rescued the flood victims.
    a. saved
    b. escaped
    c. got rid of
    d. found
  11. The policeman directed him to the station.
    a. showed
    b. guided
    c. arrested
    d. accused
  12. After the accident he had a severe injury.
    a. important
    b. serious
    c. much
    d. wounded
  13. He is walking ___ rain.
    a. in
    b. on
    c. at
    d. out
  14. She waits on the customer fast.
    a. waits for
    b. pays for
    c. serves
    d. answers
  15. He was a well-known artist.
    a. handsome
    b. famous
    c. poor
    d. very rich
  16. Mother was holding _________ the child’s hand.
    a. in
    b. with
    c. from
    d. on
  17. Who gave you a ring last night ?
    a. after marriage
    b. a present
    c. telephoned
    d. visited
  18. He was resuscitated after the operation.
    a. fainted
    b. revived
    c. died
    d. recovered
  19. You can handle the machine easily.
    a. switch
    b. operate
    c. stop
    d. buy
  20. How are the rates for meal of this hotel ?
    a. Prices
    b. rations
    c. tastes
    d. qualities


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