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ALCPT Examples -16

  1. My shirt has a stiff collar.
    a. large
    b. long
    c. rigid
    d. loose
  2. When did you wax your car?
    a. wash
    b. polish
    c. paint
    d. repair
  3. I bought a portable radio.
    a. movable
    b. fixed
    c. stationery
    d. stationary
  4. Have you got any idea about solar system.
    a. selling used cars and appliances
    b. having to do with the sun
    c. a system in modern math.
    d. a system used in teaching
  5. Don’t use the rear door.
    a. back
    b. front
    c. main
    d. gate
  6. I wish him a merry christmas.
    a. long
    b. new
    c. cheerful
    d. significant
  7. Sue is an industrious student in his class.
    a. lazy
    b. hard-working
    c. merchants
    d. sleepy
  8. What are the dimensions of this class.
    a. numbers
    b. names
    c. distances
    d. desires
  9. Why do we inflate the auto tires ?
    a. put air in
    b. put air out
    c. exhale
    d. exhaust
  10. Mary is an envious girl.
    a. stingy
    b. cheerful
    c. attractive
    d. jealous
  11. They have usually had drizzle there
    a. heavy snow
    b. heavy rain
    c. light rain
    d. rain with thunder
  12. A shower is rain that falls for_____________ .
    a. a long time
    b. a short time
    c. only in winter
    d. a period of an hour
  13. A cloudburst is a very_____________.
    a. heavy rain
    b. light rain
    c. rain with thunder
    d. rain and hail
  14. When hail falls we say it ______.
    a. is hailed
    b. is hailing
    c. hails
    d. hailed
  15. I jacked up the car before he came.
    a. started
    b. stopped
    c. stalled
    d. lifted
  16. New York is famous for its skyscrapers.
    a. Tall buildings
    b. large houses
    c. World’s fair
    d. lightnings
  17. He never fails to read books
    a. sometimes reads
    b. always read
    c. usually reads
    d. reads now and then
  18. The blind_____________the people who need help.
    a. am
    b. is
    c. are
    d. would
  19. Jane would have had enough money for the groceries if she hadn’t bought a hat.
    a. She bought a hat
    b. She bought the groceries
    c. She went to grocery
    d. She didn’t buy a hat
  20. If the plane is due to at 7:15 and has been delayed a quarter of an hour .It will arrive at ________.
    a. 7:00
    b. 7:15
    c. 7:30
    d. 7:45


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