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ALCPT Examples -15

  1. Mary is a timid girl.
    a. easily taken
    b. easily frightened
    c. ugly
    d. hard to get
  2. I don’t care for hill billy music.
    a. dislike
    b. like
    c. take after
    d. listen to
  3. You may find more data in school.
    a. information
    b. friends
    c. girls to date
    d. something to study
  4. There is a lot of barren land in Turkey.
    a. fertile (verimli)
    b. wet
    c. not fertile
    d. large
  5. There is a lot of arid land in Turkey.
    a. fertile
    b. dry
    c. wet
    d. large
  6. There was abundant food left at the party. (more than enought)
    a. much
    b. fade
    c. spoiled
    d. enough
  7. Worn-out floor mats indicate high-miliage.
    a. new
    b. painted
    c. repaired
    d. useless
  8. Please , take your time.
    a. arrange your time
    b. plan your work
    c. don’t hurry
    d. hurry up
  9. You can acquire money by working.
    a. loose
    b. gain
    c. lend
    c. borrow
  10. I got my ticket confirmed last night.
    a. proved
    b. proofed
    c. prohibited
    d. prolonged
  11. Weatherman predicts rain today.
    a. prepares
    b. forecasts
    c. broadcasts
    d. casts
  12. They have something fragile in that box.
    a. unknown
    b. durable
    c. easily broken
    d. expensive
  13. Her father was well-off before death.
    a. sick
    b. rich
    c. poor
    d. operated
  14. In comparison__________many countries. Turkey is fairly rich.
    a. with
    b. to
    c. in
    d. for
  15. We have a stationary site there
    a. mobile
    b. fixed
    c. big
    d. temporary
  16. Many people have numerous children.
    a. handicapped
    b. clever
    c. a lot of
    d. small
  17. They tear down old buildings to restore
    a. demolish
    b. polish
    c. selfish
    d. panish
  18. They calculated how many are coming.
    a. listed
    b. figured
    c. solved
    d. wrote
  19. The walls of the castle collapsed
    a. crashed
    b. caved in
    d. demolish
    d. destroyed
  20. The walls of the house hold it up.
    a. delay
    b. cancel
    c. support
    d. put off


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