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ALCPT Examples -13

  1. The class is over at 3:20 pm.
    a. ends
    b. terminate
    c. finish
    d. begins
  2. I saw him ____________ .
    a. leaves
    b. leave
    c. to leave
    d. for living
  3. Look me __________in the directory.
    a. over
    b. up
    c. into
    d. for
  4. He was under the weather yesterday.
    a. in a rainy day
    b. in a debt
    c. ill
    d. very upset
  5. You should take it individually.
    a. one to by
    b. one by one
    c. one for one
    d. one after one
  6. They live there for good.
    a. temporarily
    b. optional
    c. sometimes
    d. for ever
  7. We should have a new furnace in here.
    a. lamp
    b. table
    c. stove
    d. tape-recorder
  8. They imitate their parents.
    a. look like
    b. take after
    c. resemble
    d. copy
  9. You shouldn’t increase the prices.
    a. decrease
    b. declare
    c. dedicate
    d. decide
  10. They got a ticket because of increasing.
    a. speeding-up
    b. not obeying the traffic lights
    c. not obeying the policeman
    d. ignoring the traffic sign.
  11. Would you give me a ride?
    a. horse
    b. nickel
    c. writing letters
    d. lift
  12. There is much room on the bus.
    a. seat
    b. space
    c. people
    d. crowd
  13. I’m putting weight.
    a. fat
    b. thin
    c. less than usual
    d. loading packages
  14. It isn’t familiar_____________Jane Hassel.
    a. in
    b. for
    c. with
    d. to
  15. I am familiar_____________ that word.
    a. in
    b. for
    c. with
    d. to
  16. He was a real wind bag.
    a. handsome
    b. chatler box
    c. stingy
    d. two faced
  17. Jane was a two faced girl.
    a. beautiful
    b. tricky
    c. fat
    d. clever
  18. The thief was at large.
    a. in prison
    b. in a large place
    c. fat
    d. clever
  19. Who brought up this subject?
    a. carried
    b. carried up
    c. introduced
    d. took up
  20. The flight was called off.
    a. delayed
    b. can celed
    c. left
    d. announced


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